Personalised moses basket cover set

When my little one was small enough to sleep in his moses basket we purchased a plain set of covers. It was only later on that we found out that you could actually get a set of personalised covers.

I was surprised to find that although these seem to be very popular I could only find one lady on the internet that does them. She does a range of other baby keepsakes such as pram sets and foot muffs and they all look rather cute. You can get different designs such as little characters stitched onto the covers. The main purpose of these personalised keepsakes is having your babies name stitched onto them, you can also have their date of birth which is also nice. Not that it is going to be a date you are going to forget!

What you get in a set of basket covers

Included in the set of moses basket covers is the basket cover and liner, the cover for the hood and a quilt. The covers are a universal size so should fit your moses basket. You get to choose from one of the cute characters which is then embroidered or stitched onto the quilt. You can also have your little ones name embroidered onto the quilt in the colour of your choice and ribbons of a matching colour are also added. The end result is a cute looking basket cover set which you can actually use and is a great replacement for your existing set.

A personalised cover set for baby boys

moses basket covers

Pretty personalised quilt for baby girls

girls cover set

Replacement moses basket cover set

When you buy a moses basket you can get them either with or without the covers. The covers are not essential but they do serve some practical and aesthetic purposes. Firstly the basket, especially if it has a hood will not look very good without a cover set. It is important to have something that is not only pleasing to you but also gives your baby something to look at.

Covers also serve a practical purpose. Babies tend to leak quite a bit from both ends. If you have ever tried to get baby sick out of an uneven surface with lots of nooks and crannies then you will understand why it is important to have cover set to protect the basket.

If they are sick or more commonly posit or their nappy leaks then all you have to do is change the covers. This is why you need a spare set. If it gets into the basket itself it is not only very difficult to get out it can also be dangerous. The milk your baby brings up will quickly be broken down by bacteria. These bacteria then give of toxins which are though to be harmful to babies. The lungs and immune system of older children and adults can cope with everyday bacteria.

If you have a replacement set of basket covers you will be able to change them as you should not leave soiled covers on the basket if the baby is sleeping on them. Having a spare set also makes it easier to change and replace the covers without having to worry about having to get one set cleaned and dried before your little one needs to get their head down for a nap.