Israelites are Oppressed

The book of Exodus opens with the oppression of the Israelites. During the first chapter of this book, the Israelites are living and multiplying throughout the land of Egypt, so the new King decided to put these people into a slave position, however these people continued to multiply. So the king goes to the midwives known as Shiphrah and Puah who were taking care of the Hebrew women's birth and tell them to kill the boys, and let the girls live. But these women not wanting to be a part of this would tell the Pharoah that these women were stronger than Egyptian women and would have their children before the midwife could come to them. The Pharoah would make it a law that every Hebrew boy must be killed and thrown into the Nile.

Moses is Born

Moses is Born

A man who was from the House of Levy married a Levite woman and they had a son, she would hide her son for 3 months until he was too big to hide, she then made him a basket, and put the child in the Nile River, his sister stood by him and watched over him. The Pharoah's daughter found the baby in the water of the Nile. His sister went and told the woman that she would go for a Hebrew woman to nurse him. The woman said yes and the girl went and got the mother, the pharoah's daughter would keep him as her son.

Moses flees to Midian

Moses Flees to Midian

After Moses became a man, he would kill an Egyptian, and when he knew this was known, Moses was afraid. During this time the Pharoah learned that Moses had killed the Egyptian he would try to kill Moses, however Moses would run to Midian. While in Midian, Moses would visit the well in the area and would meet the seven daughters of a priest that lived in the area. The priest would invite Moses to live in his home and gave him his daughter Zipporah to marry him, and they gave birth to Gershom.

Soon thereafter the Pharoah dies and the Israelites were groaning to God and God heard them.

Moses and the Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

Moses was tending the animals who belong to the priest of Midian, when he noticed that a bush was on fire and the bush was not burning just the fire, he went over to it and heard the voice of the angel of God. He is then told by God that he has heard the voice of the Israelites who were crying out to be released from the Pharoah and the Egyptians and that God planned to take them to the land of milk and honey, the home of the Canaanites and a few other tribes of this area.

Moses Returns to Egypt

Moses went back home to his father-in-law and told him that he would go back to his own people to see how they are doing. He and his wife and sons went back to Egypt, God tells Moses not to forget to show the Pharoah all of the wonders, God also sends Aaron to his brother. Moses and Aaron first met with the elders of the Israelites and then they went to see the Pharoah, however he told them No and made the people work even harder than before.

Moses went to the Lord and told him the bad things that the Pharoah was doing to the people, but God tells him not to worry because he has special plans for the Pharoah, and sends them back in to see the Pharoah.

What God Does Next

Moses went to ask the Pharoah to let the people Go. During this point, God has other plans for the Pharoah, he sends in Moses and Aaron to speak to the Pharoah. While speaking to the Pharoah God turns Aaron's staff into a snake that eats the snakes of the court magicians, but the Pharoah would not let the people Go. So God decides to use the plagues against the people of Egypt.

1. The Plague of Blood: This plague was where the water of Egypt turned into blood, killing the fish and rivers smelled terrible as well as the people of Egypt being unable to drink the water.

2. The Plague of Frogs: This plague was were the people of Egypt would have frogs everywhere, in their homes, their fields and everywhere.

3. The Plague of Gnats: This is a plague where knats were everywhere and this was one that the magicians could not replicate.

4. The Plague of the Flies: This was a plague were the flies were everywhere, dense numbers of flies were throughout Egypt

5. The Plague of the Livestock: This is a plague where horses, donkeys, camels, cattle, sheep and goats would die throughout the land of Egypt.

6. The Plague of Boils: This is a plague where through the soot from the furnace was turned into the boils that would break out on everyone.

7. The Plague of Hail: The plague of Hail was one where large hail would fall from the Heavens and kill everything not inside, it did not fall in the land of Goshen where the Israelites were.

8. The Plague of Locusts: This is where a great number of Locusts so many that the ground was black because there were so many.

9. The Plague of Darkness: This is where the darkness will stay in Egypt for 3 days and after this particular plague the Pharoah says that if he shall meet Moses and his brother again he will kill them. So Moses tells him that this will be the last time he would meet the Pharoah again.

The Passover

The Final Plague and The Passover

The final plague and the Passover would be the final message sent to the Pharoah from God. In this situation, God made the Plague of the Firstborn son of the people of Egypt die. To keep the Israelites safe, he created the passover, where the people where to go and paint the front entrance of their home with the blood of sheep and goats, then they were to eat the meat that night by roasting the meat, this date is to be the Passover. Then they would celebrate the Feast of the Unleavened Bread. These would be the holy holidays for the life of the Isrealites.