Moses and the Exodus

In the last article, Moses was up on a mountain with the Lord God, he was getting his laws and learning what would be the life of the Israelites. God told him a long line of laws and some information about a tabernacle and the priests garments, here you will see the end of this book of Exodus.

Offerings for the Tabernacle

Moses would then listen as God would further point out what he wanted them to do, which included the building of his tabernacle.This tabernacle would be a place for those who would come and pray there. It would include:

  • The Ark
  • The Table
  • The Lampstand
  • The Tabernacle
  • The Altar of Burnt Offerings
  • The Courtyard

The Lampstand would contain oil that would come from the Israelites.

The tabernacle of God

The Priest's Clothing

God would also give instructions on how the priest's should dress; each piece included:

  • The Ephod
  • The Breastplace
  • The Robe
  • Gold plate that says "Holy to the Lord"
  • The Tunic
  • Sash (for Aaron's Sons)
  • headbands (for Aaron's Sons)
  • Linen Undergarments

Then each of the priest's shall be consecrated.

Priests clothing

The Golden Calf

When Moses was up on the mountain for such a long time, the people would go to Aaron and get him to create gods. Aaron would take the earings of the women and the girls and they would create a golden calf, then they would have a celebration to celebrate the newest god.

God then told Moses about the corruption of his people and he sent Moses down to the Israelites. He went with the two tablets, then he took the golden calf and destroyed it. He then told the people 'whoever is for the Lord, come to me' and the Levites came to him. The others (three thousand men) died by the hands of their own friends and neighbors.

The Golden Calf

The Second Set of Stone Tablets

Moses would chisel out two stone tablets to replace the ones God had given him before and God rewrote the 10 commandments. He also made a new covenant with Moses. When Moses returned from Mount Sinai this time, he had a radiant glow on his face. The people then would help him construct the Tabernacle and would make the priests garments. Then a cloud covered the Tent of Meeting and the Glory of God filled the tabernacle and led the people on their way.

The two new tablets