Top 30 Metal bands you must check out! Attila Blind Witness Chelsea Grin

by the time your done with this list you will appreciate metal.

Lets start this right with some.........
1.)Attila -
Attila's brand new video for 'Payback' off there new album Outlawed! One of my ALL TIME favorite bands right here! an American metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, that was formed in 2005. They have released four full-length albums Attila is full of energy heavy breakdowns, covered in a hot plate of brutal vocals... the way Fronz gives it to you with his growls and screams over these songs are unlike any other band, he is fast!

2.)Rose Funeral -
New music from Rose Funeral's new CD 'Gates of Punishment' cant ever get enough of these guys! up and coming young death metal band in the US. this vocalist sings about the most evil brutal thoughts and actions you can call upon someone.

3.)Blind Witness -
Blind Witness is a Canadian deathcore band from Granby, Quebec. Formed in 2006, the group is now signed to Mediaskare Records and have released two full-length studio albums.
Contents, here is there video for 'Baby One More Notch' seriously amazing music. They are taking over fast! anyone who is a fan of Dethcore is a fan of Blind Witness.

4.)Conducting from the Grave-
Sacramento's finest, I love this band and can not ever get enough!! local metal!! This video was filmed at the boardwalk in Sacramento, CA. 'Her poisoned Tongue'

5.)Every Hand Betrayed-
These guys are from Orland CA and have alot of talent and deserve to be heard! Give them a listen you wont be disappointed! Every Hand Betrayed has quickly climbed to the top after winning Club Retro's Sacramento battle of the bands in late 2010 they have grown steadily since. In early 2011, Every hand betrayed released a four track self titled demo which can be downloaded for free here:

6.)Awaiting the Apocalypse-
This is there video for "I will beat you to death (to prove my love to you)" this video made me completely fall in love with Awaiting the Apocalypse I hope it does the same for you!

7.)Amon Amarth-
The best Viking Metal has to offer! Their album "Surtur Rising" was released in March 2011 They are signed to Metalblade Records and are from Sweden. 'Pursuit of Vikings'

8.)All that Remains-
Here is some metal that has a bit more emotion to it then normal, not so much as brutal but it makes you realize you can still give a shit and shred! search 'all that remains Two Weeks' in youtube.

9.)As I lay Dying-
Some more feeling for the lighter side of your metal needs! Christian Metal. check it out.

Ever had a girl cheat on you or just screw you over? this music will slightly make you feel better or it will make you seek that revenge even harder. Enjoy this video is more like a short film.This American deathcore band from Greensboro, NC, formed in 2001. They are characterized by their mixture of blast beats, traditional metal riffs, hardcore style guitars, death growl vocals, occasional trace elements of power metal, and audio samples from pop culture video entertainment like 'family guy'.

11.)Black Dahlia Murder-
an American heavy metal band from Waterford, Michigan, formed in 2001. Their name is derived from the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short if your into metal there is not a doubt in my mind you have come across some Dahlia in your lifetime, here is some ape shit sauce to remind you of the better days. (APE SUIT FTW)

12.)Suicide Silence-
These guys have always been my favorite in the Dethcore area of metal! Just because there music is just so damn chunk! I'm sure you can agree musically this band destroys false souls.

13.)Parkway Drive-
Parkway Drive has always hit me personally because I play the guitar and my guitar riffs have always been compared to this band, I love to tap I love to breakdown a breakdown. Thats not the only reason I like this band... Their new stuff simply blows me away!!

14.)Born of Osiris-
Technical Breakdowns mixed with Keys.

15.)August Burns Red-
This band will blow you away......

From Oakland, CA this band is so brutal the vocals dig deep into your soul forcing you to get evil leaving you swinging and circle kicking for the throat.

17.)As Blood runs Black-
Amazing guitar riffs. Sick drums. Great Vocals and Breakdowns. All around a kickass band!

If you haven't heard of Dethklok...... wake up and smell the coffee...because your missing out on something of epic proportions

This band has 3 guitarist and the vocals are bone chilling deep... what a perfect combo for das metals. ready?

20.)Last House on the Left-
These guys are old and broke up... but the tapping mixed with the heavy breakdowns gets me every-time... hopefully it does justice to for you!

...... fucking lords of metal!!! these guys deserve all the respect in the world... they are gods!!!

22.)Gary Busey Amber Alert-
A new upcoming band from sac I have alot of faith in....

23.)All Shall Perish-
This band's solo's shred on pretty much anyone in my option... it sounds like you are flying threw space.... amazing sweeps! On a few tracks on their CD 'Awaken the Dreamers' a few parts his vocals go 80's rock.... blew my mind!

24.)At the Crossroads-
Another one of my favorite local bands! They deserve alot more fame then they even realize! Catchy Tech guitar leads the path for this band!

25.)Burning the Masses-
Blasting with Heavy Breakdowns - Epic Solo's , tech guitar... this band pretty much takes you on a joyride through all aspects of metal!

This band sounds like they have a dragon for a lead singer! this band is full of blasting and you can't tell me this isn't brutal enough.

27.)Vital Remains-
you watch this video you are going to hell! this band is the reason metal is metal... they are godly on so many levels! its true they are Vital Remains.

28.)And Came back Brutal-
Local Sac band with some talent!

29.)Chelsea Grin-
This band is a Powerhouse, I love CG! THIS IS A MUST! Dethcore with some extremely brutal vocals!

30.)Job For a Cowboy-
Intense blast beats and heavy pig squealing. bree bree! Job For a Cowboy is full of energy. making the average angry metalhead jump out of his body in need to release that inner rage across the room.