The best form of mosquito bite treatment is to prevent them from biting you in the first place, that's not an easy task to do, but before we go into the treatment side of things we shall take a look at mosquito bite prevention. 


How To Prevent A Mosquito Bite

As I've explained in the article Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch, only the female of the species bite, and it is because she needs the supplements that are found in blood for the development of her eggs. Therefore the first step to avoid being bitten is to try and avoid breeding grounds. These are typically rivers, lakes and ponds, but anywhere with a little stagnant water is perfect for laying their eggs.

Try to cover up as much skin as possible, I know that's very hard in the day time when it's boiling hot, but in the evenings, which is feeding time for most mosquito species, covering up your arms and legs will greatly help you to prevent being bitten. Also try to wear lighter colored clothing because apparently darker colors attract them.


Mosquito Bite Treatment


Using a good insect repellent is an essential step in the prevention of a mosquito bite, there are many to choose from, some work a lot better than others. The best and most effective one to get is Repel Insect Repellent.

Mosquito's are very sensitive to smells and odors and a great way to keep them at bay is using the natural repellents garlic and vitamin B1. Try and work these into your diet a couple of weeks before going to any mosquito populated areas and the scent from your pores will be a constant deterrent.

A Mosquito Net is essential to avoid being bitten in places with high numbers of mosquito's, when you are asleep you are a vulnerable target for feeding. Make sure you have all the edges of the net tucked in and you are keeping them out and not trapping them in with you for exclusive dining. Excellent discounted mosquito nets are available from Amazon and will guarantee you a threat free, peaceful night. 


Mosquito Bite Treatment

No matter how many precautions you take it is pretty inevitable that you will sustain a bite or two so it's important to know how to deal with them and administer the proper treatment as they happen.

When you get bitten it causes swelling and it is the swelling that causes the itch. This is because the expanding blood vessels put pressure on your nerve cells, so reducing the swelling is the key to treatment of a mosquito bite.

First step, if possible, is too wash the bite with soap and water to remove the saliva and reduce the chance of an infection.

Applying ice to the mosquito bite or having a cold shower is the next easiest form of treatment. This will constrict the capillaries near your skins surface and reduce further allergic reaction, lessening the swelling and reducing the itch. Cold drink cans make a good substitute.

It is the release of histamine that causes the swelling and the itch so an antihistamine product will help. Avoid scratching. As much as you want to, this will cause more histamine to be released.

Anti inflammatories such as Ibuprofen are perfect for the treatment and reducing of large swelling and a topical anesthetic or Calamine Lotion or Aloe Vera should work great to sooth the itchiness.


Maybe you're one of the lucky people who never seem to get bitten at all, but if not, following this guide of mosquito bite prevention and treatment should help your summer or tropical vacation be as bite free as possible.