Huge Redfish are fun to fish for, but catching trophy sized redfish is hard to do. Trophy sized Redfish are not in all states, so you may not even live near a place where you can fish for redfish. If you do happen to be traveling on vacation through an area where you can fish for redfish, you may still be unsuccessful if you do not have the right gear and fish in the right areas. If you want to fish for large trophy sized redfish but have never fished for redfish before, than you should look into a chartered redfish excursion. One of the best places in the United States to fish for trophy sized redfish is at Mosquito Lagoon in Florida.

Mosquito Lagoon Green Sea TurtleMosquito Lagoon has the more redfish than any other water way in Florida, as well as more redfish than many other states. The redfish are very concentrated here and it makes it easy to catch redfish if you have the proper gear and knowledge. You have basically have two choices on how to attempt your fishing for trophy redfish in Florida.

Mosquito Lagoon Chartered Tour

Chartered redfish trophy fishing excursions are available from numerous companies. A guided fishing trip to Mosquito Lagoon in Florida is often the easiest route to catching a trophy redfish. You will have access to the best fishing gear for catching large redfish as well as Mosquito Lagoon fishing professionals who know this fishing area better than anyone.

These guided charters are a lot of fun, and even if you have NEVER fished before they can help you to catch redfish. A guided tour will give you a lot of experience fishing Mosquito Lagoon so you can try it on your own without the help of a guided fishing excursion.

Go It Alone

If you do not want to pay the rates for a redfish excursion at Mosquito Lagoon then you can head down to one of the rod and tackle shops in the area. They can help set you up with the proper fishing gear for the trophy redfish waters, and also be able to guide you as to where and when to fish as well as showing you what tackle and set-up you need to use.

Your success rate is usually higher with a guided excursion, mainly because of their experience as well as accessing their boat to take you to the waters where they redfish are feeding. Your best bet is a guided fishing trip to Mosquito Lagoon if you want to catch a trophy redfish, but it can be done without a guided tour, especially if you have experience fishing in similar waters for large fish.

If you do go without the help of a guided redfish fishing excursion, then make sure you are sociable. You will want to be friendly towards the locals and ask for advice. If the locals know that you are simply an avid fisherman and are only in town for a couple of days they may divulge some of their secret locations, tips, and tactics. You cannot always rely on the locals for proper advice as it is often unintentionally misguided, but you can always rely on the experienced Mosquito Lagoon charters for accurate advice.

Fishing at Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon has many other varieties of fish. In addition to trophy redfish you may also hook onto a grouper, Snook, triple tail, black drum, and many other varieties of fish. Even if you do not successfully catch a trophy sized redfish you will still have a fun filled action day on the waters at Mosquito Lake in Florida.

In addition to fishing you can see a wide variety of sea creatures including Manatee. Manatees are very common at Mosquito Lake, Which is part of the Atlantic inter-coastal waterway. Mosquito Lake is located next to the Kennedy Space Center.

Fishing for trophy redfish is fun for the entire family, especially on a guided fishing excursion but if the wife and kids don't want to fish then there is plenty for them to see and do in the area. Mosquito Lagoon has a lot to offer and is very popular with locals as well as visitors.

Mosquito Lagoon History

Mosquito Lagoon has a lot of colorful history. A lot of characters have direct ties to Mosquito lagoon including boot-leggers, Confederate Soldiers, and various outlaws. Mosquito Lagoon and the Shipyard Island were used by Confederate soldiers to repair damaged vessels during the Civil War era.

Mosquito Lagoon  DolphinAll of the outlaws and boot-leggers in Mosquito Lagoon are long gone from the area. Today Mosquito Lagoon is a very popular destination for families to go spend a day as well as overnight camping. Mosquito Lagoon is most notable for the redfish.

Redfish fishing at Mosquito Lagoon attracts people from all over the area and countless trophy sized redfish have been pulled from the waters. Fishing at Mosquito Lagoon is extremely fun, but nothing compares to that exhilarating feeling of hooking a trophy sized redfish and fighting to reel it in. Regardless of how many times you have caught a trophy redfish, it is still exciting.

Some of the flats at Mosquito Lagoon can be as shallow as 6 inches, and still have a trophy fish lurking in the waters. You can "Sight Fish" and cast your tackle when redfish are spotted. It is common to have massive redfish lying around in 6 inches of water with half of their bodies hanging out of the water. When they take your bait then the fight is on.

After fighting with your redfish you will be tired, regardless of if you successfully landed it or not. There is nothing better than catching a trophy fish after a long fight and then heading back to meet up with your family to barbecue some steaks and hamburgers and drink some Southern Sweet Tea.

Mosquito Lagoon is one of the top destinations in Florida. Forget about Disney World, Mosquito lake and the surrounding area has enough to keep you family occupied for not only a week, but an entire summer. Mosquito Lake is one of the top 10 destinations in Florida. Image Credits: NASA