Mosquitoes, diseases and protection ideas



Beware of the Mosquito and its bite

A mosquito may bite and you find it annoying, within an hour that same bite can affect you in different ways. For some it will just irritate, for others it may have an effect that leads to a serious illness. Some countries throughout the world are affected more so than others. Do not think because you live in a safer area that you need not worry, because the world is forever changing and so are the diseases.

Like an addict using a dirty needle, a female mosquito when she pierces the skin she is transmitting diseases from one infected human to another. The mosquito itself is immune to the disease itself.

Dengue Fever

(Updated News- Beware of Dengue Fever in Bali. dated 29th July 2010

As many as 10 people a week are returning home to Australia with dengue fever after spending a holiday in Beautiful Bali)


The Dengue Mosquito lives and breeds in:

  •  Discarded tires with stagnant water inside
  •  Pot plant saucers
  •  Bromeliads (inside where water lays)
  •  Buckets, plastic containers
  •  Bird baths
  •  Drain sumps

In fact it will live in any area with water lying about, except saltwater, swamps or rivers.

This disease is caused by a virus passed on by certain species of mosquitoes. Avoid being bitten by any mosquito. There are two types of dengue fever. There is the normal dengue, and the dengue hemorrhagic fever. You can also get the normal dengue fever more than once. The hemorrhagic fever is a severe form of the disease. Symptoms for this fever are the same and dengue fever, but patients have a rapid deterioration after 3- 5 days. It can cause heart problems, and shock, which can result in death.

Seek medical advice as soon as you have symptoms of dengue fever. The doctor should order a blood test. Always prevent bites from a mosquito by covering up and applying mosquito repellents at all times. If necessary, sleep under a mosquito net in problem areas.


Ross River Virus Disease

This disease is common all over Australia. It is more prevalent in coastal and inland areas. It affects joint inflammation and pain, fatigue and muscle aches of the body.

Ross River is a disease caused from the bite of a mosquito. Many people infected with the virus develop symptoms from three to ten days after being infected. Wear light colored protective clothing and use a reliable insect repellent to reduce the chance of being bitten.

The infection affects the muscle joints of your body. The joints affected are the wrists, ankles, knees and even your finger joints. Many people suffer this recurring pain for months or even years after being bitten.

You will recover from this disease although prevention is always better than suffering the pain before the cure.

This is a great Mosquito repellent


1/3 cup Baby oil

1/3 cup Tea Tree Oil

1/3 cup Dettol

2 caps Metholated spirits

Mix ingredients together and put in screw top bottle. Apply before they bite you.

Other preventions

Burn Mosquito coils

Burn Mosquito candles

Burn citronella candles, or burn the citronella oil in lamp

I hope some of this information will help you when traveling through different countries. It makes you more aware of the dangers of the mosquito and of the diseases you need to protect yourself from. Mosquitoes are more active at night.

Remember to protect yourself at all times when outdoors. Spray the home before going to bed if you hear the buzzing sound of that hungry blood thirsty mosquito in your room.

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