It seems as though myths are told everyday all throughout the world.  Some of them are very believable and others really are not believable at all.  These are the most believable stories that have been found to be untrue.

Nails and Hair Still Grow After You Die: Many people believe that your fingernails, toenails and hair will still grow after you die.  This is actually a myth which is pretty believable, but it is not true.  Some people may think this because when you are in your grave, your skin will shrink which makes it look like your hair and nails have grown although they have not.

Lightening Never Strikes the Same Place Twice: Lightening never strikes the same place is a believable myth because it is rare and uncommon, but it is not impossible.  The taller the structure is and what it is made of really plays a role in what lightening could strike.  For an example, a tall metal building is more apt to getting struck more than once.

Turkey Makes You Tired: It is a myth that turkey makes you tired.  It is said that tryptophan in turkey makes people tired however, chicken and beef contain the same amount of tryptophan.  We do not get tired when we eat chicken and beef.  The reason behind being sleepy after eating turkey is probably psychological.  One of the main reasons why we probably are tired after eating turkey on Thanksgiving is because we are usually with family, and some have to drive a long ways to get to their destination with their family.

The News is Always Right: It is a myth to believe that the news is always right.  However, many people believe what they hear so they think that the news stations and news papers are always right.  Main stream media is very controlled and they will only tell you what they want to tell you.

Going Outside Without a Cold Will Make You Sick: Have you ever seen those parents who bundle up their kids so tight that they can hardly breathe?  With the five layers of wool socks under the winter boots, scarves that are wound too tight and the top layers with thermals, turtlenecks and winter jacks on parents are sure to think that their kid will beat the flu or cold this winter season.  Unfortunately, their thinking is not correct and your child is not going to to sick while going outside without a coat on.  In fact, so many people get sick during the winter time because all of the germs build up in the house since it is usually too cold to play outside.  You will not catch a cold from being outside.  Colds are viral and you can only catch it from someone else.

Cats Always Land On Their Feet: This is indeed a myth so don’t even think about testing it out.  Cat’s don’t always land on their feet.  There have been many times where cats have really injured themselves after falling from somewhere to high.

Popsicles Are Great For Sore Throats: Whether you had to get your tonsils out or you are suffering with strep throat, popsicles or other cold things on your throat may feel good, but it really is not helping you feel better any quicker in the long run.  Cold things constrict the blood flow while warm things like hot tea will ease the blood flow and get your blood flowing more rapidly which will help the healing process move along.