Don’t settle for anything less than the best and try on a pair or two of some of the most comfortable fin options available. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good your feet can feel!

 Best Choice For Freestylers

 While most swimmers might choose the Speedo Optimus Training Fins because of their notched blade and optimal performance and propulsion, they’re also surprised to find just how comfortable these fins can truly be. Made from 100% rubber, the Optimus Training Fin was designed with soft, orthopedic foot pockets. It’s the right mix of design, durability, and ergonomics that makes these fins stand out from the rest. Their unique design allows swimmers to train comfortably and effectively for longer periods of time. The notched, V-shaped design provides strong forward propulsion, especially in comparison to the amount of effort needed. All in all, you’ll love how quickly they can propel you through the water - thanks to their unique angled blade made for maintaining optimal kick and stroke tempo - and are sure to be impressed with how comfortable your feet and ankles feel at the end of every session.

 Best Choice for All-Around Swimmers

 Contoured to work with just about any stroke, the uniquely rounded Alpha Fins are the perfect training device if you’re looking to work on more than just the freestyle. The elliptical, curved blade allows swimmers to easily propel through the water when swimming the front crawl, backstroke and even breaststroke. That’s something that most fins aren’t designed to accommodate. The AlphaChannel System and top blade technology – which resemble the fins of a whale – give swimmers optimal stability and maximum power transfer. The soft EVA foam, in conjunction with the dedicated left and right foot offset, ensures that you’ll always have a soft and comfortable fit. Add in full arch support and lightweight composition and these fins can easily be worn during your entire training session with ease.

 Best Choice to Improve Your Existing Pair

 Already have a pricy pair of fins that you’re just not ready to give up on? There’s still hope for you and your sore feet thanks to the newest fin fitting technology. The Finis Skin Socks are a versatile sport sock made from a durable mix of nylon and Lycra. Slip on a pair of these socks before you strap on your fins and you’ll instantly feel how much better the fins fit and hug your feet. The Skin Socks were specially designed to help protect feet from blisters and chafing. They also give your feet a thin layer of thermal protection, are highly absorbent and provide optimal comfort. And while they are ideal for use with swim fins, they can easily be used for aqua aerobics and other dry land sports as well. Use them during running, cycling, climbing or even as a way to protect your feet from hot sand while working out on the beach.