Lupus is a multisystem disease in which a person’s immune system attacks various organs of the body. When one is suffering from lupus, the patient may contact other mild diseases treatable by medication or even life threatening diseases which can end up being fatal. Research shows that it affects mere women than men and its peak incidence is after puberty.
Lupus has so many causes which include;

Genetic link
As we said before lupus is an autoimmune disease therefore people who share some generic link are likely to get it than people without. So if a father or mother or sister or brother or probably an identical twin is suffering form lupus, the chances of someone sharing a generic link with these people to get lupus are very high as compared to someone from the general public.

Environmental factors
Although we have mentioned that sharing a genetic link with somebody who is suffering from lupus may make you vulnerable to getting lupus, the chances of you getting the diseases are 50% and below and hence this gives room to environmental factors to cause lupus. Therefore certain drugs, toxins and diets may cause lupus and also certain weather conditions such as extreme sun rays may worsen rashes of patients with lupus.

Some of the major symptoms and signs of lupus include;

The major symptom that remains throughout all stages and even after treatment is fatigue. It is very bothersome and is common in all lupus patients . There is also joint and muscle pains these pains may be accompanied by swellings and sometimes without any swellings. This mostly occurs on the offset of lupus. These joint pains are caused by the arthritis of lupus which is found on both sides of the body. The most affected joints are those of the hands, knees and wrist.

Since patients with lupus do not have a strong immune system they are more likely to suffer kidney diseases and this can be diagnosed by routine urine testing.  People with lupus can suffer from heart problems which are caused by the inflammation of the sac containing the heart. This may lead to continuous chest pain which looks like heart attack and in the long run can cause a real heart attack hence causing death.

There is inflammation of the lining of the lungs in people suffering form lupus and this may cause chest problems and repeated chest pains and shortness of breath.