There are many reasons that play a role in the child obesity epidemic in our nation. Below are some examples of child obesity causes that can be tackled and handled with care, reason, and assistance.

The first and most noticeable cause to child obesity crisis is the foods that children eat. Many children consume foods that contain too much sugar, fat, and empty carbohydrates.

These foods are commonly known and conveniently available for consumption, including: sodas, fast food meals, snack items, and sugary sweets. It is essential to understand the advertising tactics that are used by the companies that produce these items.

These foods are marketed for mass consumption by all ages. Commercials with catchy songs and interesting visuals prompt children to engage in the advertising trap.

Living in a fast paced society compounds the issue as families rely on quick foods as they try to make the next meeting, social activity, or sports venture. This type of lifestyle significantly increases the risk of overweight children.

The next greatest weight issue is contributed to not only what a person eats, but how much. Portion control is a huge factor in child obesity causes.

When you are at the fast food restaurant, you have the option of super sizing your meal. In some families, the same goes for the amount of helpings you allow your child to have, or in some cases, forcing a child to eat everything that is on the dinner plate before being excused from the table.

Selecting a more reasonable portion, with a variety of different food groups, allows the child to eat a well-balanced diet, and to leave the table feeling satisfied.

Food isn't the only target for causes of child obesity. Some children use food as a means for comfort when sad, depressed, or shunned by peers.

It is easy for children who feel poorly about themselves to turn to food for consolation when there seems to be no one else to turn to. It is important for parents to recognize the signals of comfort eating, and to find a way to help your children with new social opportunities.

When food is replaced by people who care, it is most likely your child will suspend the extra food consumption.

Lastly, child obesity causes frequently revolve around the deficiency of physical activity. Due to technological reasons (such as television and video games), dangerous neighborhoods, and other reasons, children are more inclined to stay indoors instead of playing outside.

If your neighborhood conditions are not child-friendly, find a way to help your child stay active. Many health clubs have family programs and child classes. Or find a park to play in together, take a walk, or ride bikes.

Weight issues tend to run in families, so if your child is having issues keeping off unwanted pounds, it's likely that other members in your family could benefit from physical activity as well.

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