Eye Make-Up MistakesCredit: healingdream

The eyes, they are the window to the soul.  The inspiration for countless poems and songs.  If you ask any woman what she thinks is her best feature, she will inevitability answer her eyes.  Many women dream of having a partner to stare deep into their eyes.  

Given the importance of the eyes, it is amazing that there many women make some serious mistakes when it comes to the application of their eye makeup.  In an effort to make their eyes pop and sparkle, women end up minimizing their favorite feature or over doing it. Check out these common make-up mistakes that women routinely make when applying their eye makeup.

Eyeliner Mistakes

Overlining The Eye or “Cat Eyes”
While it is sexy to go for the Cleopatra look, many women overboard when applying eyeliner.  If you use a harsh, black liquid eye liner and extend it well beyond the outer corner of the eye, it will look harsh and dated.  Instead go with brown shadow eyeliner and draw it a tiny bit past the eye for a softer, more beautiful look.

Another tip for the perfectly lined eye is to draw a line along the root of the lashes from the inner to outer corner of the eye.  Then subtly slant the line upward at the outer edge.  Be sure to extend the line no further than a quarter inch past your eye.  If you are still unsure how far to extend the line, use your eyebrow as a guide and do not extend the line past the edge of your eyebrow.

Underlining The Eye
While many women over line the eye, the rest of women under line the eye.  By only lining the outside half of the eye, you create a minimizing effect.  While you can choose to only line the top lid and skip the bottom lid, you must be sure to apply the liner across the lash line from the inside corner of the eye all the way to the outermost corner of the eye.  Then, smudge the line around the inner corner of your eye to create a softer look.

Eyeshadow Mistakes

Matching Eyeshadow
“Matchy matchy” is just not a good look.  It is annoying when couples do it and it is atrocious when women try to do it with their eyeshadow.   You should never try to match your eye shadow to your eye color or your clothes.  If you try to match blue eyes with blue shadow, they will disappear.  Instead, stick with a neutral color that will contrast with your eye color and make it pop.  As far as matching eye shadow to your clothes, that is 80’s and incredibly outdated.  So unless you are going to an 80’s retro party, don’t try matching your eyeshadow to your outfit.

Mismatching Eyeshadow
This may sound like a direct contradiction of the mistake listed above, but it is not.  This mistake is using eyeshadow colors that do not match with each other.  A serious of clashing, bright shocking colors will make your eye look like a kaleidoscope--it is not a good look.  Instead, choose muted colors in the same family and be sure to blend them well.

Using Blush As Eyeshadow
While some women believe that using blush as an eyeshadow is a great time saver when it comes to makeup application (and even some make-up artists suggest this), it is a big mistake.  The rosy color of most blushes is wrong for the eyes and makes them appear pink or red.  If you are going to use the one-color technique, make sure to use shades of pale pink.

Mascara Mistakes

Clumpy Mascara
A common mistake is that when women are looking for thick, luscious lashes they end up with clumps of mascara.  Clumps are not a good luck, in order to prevent clumps, remove all excess mascara from the wand by wiping the mascara wand against the opening of the mascara tube and/or wipe the excess mascara from the wand with a tissue. In order to apply mascara without applying clumps, wiggle the wand from side to side and apply from the base of your lashes to the tips.  Then, before the mascara tries, comb through your lashes with an old toothbrush or an eyelash comb.  This will separate your lashes and get rid of clumps for a natural look.  If you want the look of thicker lashes, you can apply a second coat and then again comb through it.

Applying Mascara To the Bottom Lashes
Mascara should not be applied to the bottom lashes.  It does not look natural and results in a spiky, unattractive eye.  If you have long lashes on the bottom, applying mascara to your bottom lashes will make them look odd.  Further, you will end up with smudges mascara and dark circles under the eyes by applying mascara to the bottom lashes.  Stick with accentuating your top lashes with mascara and ignore the bottom ones.  If you must apple mascara to your bottom lashes, stick with clear mascara.

Using Bright Blue Mascara
Using bright blue mascara colors such as teal or cerulean may have been a cool look when you were a teen, but it does not result in a sophisticated look.  Therefore, when looking for natural and polished lashes, stick with indigo or navy mascara.  One of the advantages of using a dark blue mascara is that it can brighten the whites of your eyes.

Eyebrow Mistakes

Drawn-In Eyebrows
Some women go overboard plucking and end up having to draw back in their eyebrows--not a good look.  Others are born with sparse eyebrows and need to fill them in, but fail to do so successfully.

Whiting Out Brow Bones
While it is a nice look to but a highlighter just under the eyebrows, many women use a highlighter that is too light or too chalky.  This results in an odd and unflattering look that whites out the brow bones. If you are going to apply highlighter under your eyebrows, be sure that you can see your skin through the highlighter.