An accident that occurs through a slip and fall incident can take place anywhere, at anytime. When an area is not overlooked for dangerous surfaces, then pedestrians can be put in danger in these areas and end up injured. However, there are some places that experience more slip and fall accidents that other places.

Here are a few locations where slip and falls incidents are most likely to take place:

  • Restaurants. In places where there is a high traffic of people, food, and liquids, a slip and fall accident is only a matter of time. A walking customer can spill their soda on the floor and another customer can slip in the liquid if it was not mopped up right away.

  • Sidewalks. Uneven pavement—caused by tree roots, cracks, etc.—can cause a walking or jogging pedestrian to trip and fall. This may prove to be dangerous if a person were to fall/trip on the surface and injure themselves.

  • Supermarkets. Grocery stores also experience many leaks from dripping pipes or melting ice. If this liquid were to go by unchecked by the management, then a customer may accidentally slip in the liquid and end up hitting his or her head and/or twisting an ankle.

  • Stairs. An unsteady stair step can cause an individual climbing up or down the stairs to trip and fall. This can be dangerous if a person were to fall down the stairs. Serious personal injury can be caused if this individual were to break a bone while falling down the flight of stairs.

  • Shopping Malls. A shopping area also contains a high traffic of individuals walking around and looking through shops. Anytime that there is an influx of people, chances of accidents increases. A spilled water bottle can easily cause an accident for an unsuspecting shopper who may step in the puddle and slip. It is important for shopping malls to keep track of their premises in order to make sure their visitors do not get injured. 

This list contains just a few places where slip and accidents occur. There are plenty of other places where accidents can happen and where people receive injury. It is important to be aware of your surroundings in order to avoid unwanted harm. However, if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact an injury attorney today.