This is a list of the most common boy's names from 2000 to 2009 according to the records of the United States Social Security Administration. There are several online listings of the "most popular names" of certain years and decades, but those seem to be based on their website visitors and some popularity algorithm. They are not a reflection of what people are actually naming their babies in the United States. This list is taken from as SSA database which keeps track of all registered names.

An example of the difference between the SSA list and online lists is the name Aiden. This is claimed to be the most popular male name for much of the first decade of the 21st century according to several websites. However, the SSA database ranks it as the 55th most popular name that was actually bestowed upon boys born during that time.

The list of alternate names are names with the same meaning or root, even if the spelling is quite different. While some of these are also nicknames of the original name, an attempt was made to list actual alternative given names, not just a list of nicknames.

Common Boy's Name 1: Jacob

Jacob – Supplanter, lit Heel grabber

Jacob is the name of a biblical patriarch (from the book of Genesis). Jacob in the Bible was the second of a set of twins. His brother was Esau. Jacob's name was later changed to Israel. The name originated in Hebrew. It has been a popular name through many centuries and countries.

Alternate names: Jacob, Jakob, Jakeb, James, Jayme, Jaime, Jimi

Common Boy's Name 2: Michael

Michael – Who is like God?

A biblical name originally found in the book of Numbers. However this is not the most known biblical personage named Michael. The Michael in Numbers is the father of one of the 12 spies, Sethur, who entered the Promised Land shortly before the children of Israel began their wilderness wandering. The other Michael is the archangel who is first referred to by name in the book of Daniel.

According to a Social Security report in 2007, Michael has been either the first or second most popular name in the US every year since 1954.

Alternate names: Michel, Michaela, Michelle, Mickie, Miguel, Mike, Mikey, Mitch, Mitchell, Mitchel

Common Boy's Name 3: Joshua

Joshua – Jehovah (Yahweh) is salvation, Jehova's gift, Jehovah rescues

Joshua is another biblical name which was primarily only popular among the Jewish population in the United States. That is, until the name Josh became popular in the 1970s. Interestingly, like Michael above, this name has a connection to the Hebrew spies going into the Promised Land. Joshua was one of the two spies (Caleb was the other) who brought back a positive report of being able to take over the Promised Land. Joshua became the leader in Israel after the death of Moses and is the main character in the book of Joshua in the Bible.

Alternate names: Josh, Jesus, Josue

Common Boy's Name 4: Matthew

Matthew – Gift of God

Matthew is a Bible name of Hebrew origin. However, it seems to have gained its popularity through the country of Ireland where it became a popular name after Saint Patrick brought Christianity to the nation in the 5th century. In the Bible, the name Matthew is the name of one of the four writers of the Gospels of the life of Jesus (same as the name Joshua above).

Alternate names: Matt, Matty

Common Boy's Name 5: Daniel

Daniel - God is my judge

Daniel in the Bible was a prophet who lived during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews. He is the subject of the popular Bible story, Daniel in the Lion's Den. He was known for his courage and being faithful to what he believed in.

It is a popular name around the world, not just in the United States.

Alternate names: Danny, Dan

Common Boy's Name 6: Christopher

Christopher - Christ bearer

The origin of the name dates back to Saint Christopher. Christopher was a martyr in the 3rd century. The legend says that he was a tall man of 7' 6" who, in an attempt to serve the greatest king, Christ, helped people across a river. One day he carried a small child across the river at great risk to himself because the river was swollen. When Christopher reached the other side the child thanked him and confessed that he was Jesus Christ. Then the child vanished. This is the supposed origin of the name, the one who bears Christ. Christopher converted many to Christianity and was beheaded by the Governor of Antioch.

The name is popular around the world.

Alternate names: Chris, Kit, Chip, Topher, Toph, Cris, Kris, Christo

Common Boy's Name 7: Andrew

Andrew – Manly, Strong

Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus in the Bible. Though he is the first recorded use of the name in the Bible, Andrew seems to have been a common Hebrew name for a couple of centuries previous to the time of Christ. Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist and the brother to Simon Peter. He is believed to be the founder of the first church in Byzantium.

Andrew is a common given and surname around the world.

Alternate names: Andy, Andrei, Andrea, Andreas, Andrey, Andrzej, Andrés, Drew

Common Boy's Name 8: Ethan

Ethan - Strong and optimistic, Solid and enduring, Firm

The name Ethan is mentioned several times in the Bible. Each mention may be referring to the same man. He was never a principle character, however, he wrote Psalm 89 and was probably a musician in the court of King David. The first mention of him is in the book of 1st Kings.

Alternate names: Eytan, Eitan

Common Boy's Name 9: Joseph

Joseph - The LORD will increase

Joseph is another name with a biblical heritage. There are two main characters in the Bible named Joseph: the 11th son of Jacob and the father of Jesus. There is also a Joseph of Arimathea who owned the tomb where Christ was laid after His death on the cross and before His resurrection.

Alternate names: Joe, Joe, Josey, Jose

Common Boy's Name 10: William

William - Vehement protector

Like Christopher, this name is not a Bible name. William has a Germanic origin. It became popular in English speaking countries after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. It quickly became the most popular name in England.

In the 1990 Census Bureau report, Williams was reported as the 3rd most common surname in the United States. As a given name, William was the 5th most popular name.

Alternate names: Wilhelm, Guillermo, Will, Bill, Billy, Willy, Willie, Liam, Willem

A list of the most common girl's names for the decade is not as heavily weighted with Bible names.