Weight loss
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Weight loss has become a popular topic for some time now. From the birth of different diet fads, fitness programs and fat burning supplements; it is without a doubt that losing weight has become the vital goal of most human beings. However, these breakthroughs also bring forth misconceptions. You may or may not know it but there are several weight loss myths circulating around and deceiving a lot people. Thus, in this article, you will learn some of the most common myths about weight loss and the truth behind these beliefs. 

1. A sauna can help you shed weight

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The first in the list of weight loss myths is using saunas or steam rooms to shed extra pounds.

A sauna can help you lose weight. However, it will only shed your water weight. After you replenish yourself with water, your weight is back. What if you only drink minimal amounts of water? That would be a dangerous move since dehydration may take place. Remember, water is very essential in the proper functioning of your body. So, you can’t disregard this substance.

With that, sauna is not an efficient weight loss solution. But, it can help you burn minimal amounts of calories. Plus, it also helps in detoxifying your body. Nonetheless, if you really want to scale down your current body mass, you might want to opt for an activity that can burn a lot of calories during the process.

2. Avoid eating snacks

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Always remember that starvation and weight loss does not go hand in hand. Keep in mind that the most important considerations of every program on losing weight are calorie intake and usage. Furthermore, the more you restrict yourself from eating, the more you’ll crave for food. To be honest, most fitness experts recommend eating snacks because it will not only ease your hunger, but it will also help you eat less in a long run. So, as long as you control your calorie intake, you can eat 5 or even 7 times a day.  Just remember to pick the right kind of snacks such as fruits and nuts. If you prefer eating cakes, muffins or doughnuts that’s where the problem starts. With that being said, avoiding snacks is certainly earned the second place in this list of weight loss myths.

3. Carbohydrates and sweet desserts aid in weight gain

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Third in this list is the misconceptions about carbohydrates. Why is this so?

To be honest, there are several reasons that can prove that carbohydrates are not fattening. First and foremost, 1 gram of carbohydrates is only converted into 4 calories compared to fats that are typically converted into 9 calories. The second reason is that carbohydrates can aid in weight loss because of its fiber contents. And lastly, carbohydrates are your body’s main energy source. Without it, you’ll feel weak and less energized to do your physical activities. Plus, metabolism will gradually slow down without sufficient amounts of carbohydrates.

So, why do most experts persuade people to cut down their carbohydrate intake? Basically, health experts strongly recommend that you should only avoid processed carbohydrates. This is because refined sugars are not only unhealthy, but addictive as well. You may not know it but refined sugars can increase your craving for food. However, if you opt for “good carbohydrates”, it can certainly offer you a lot of weight loss benefits. 

4. Exercise alone is enough to lose weight

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Another interesting topic in the list of weight loss myths is exercise. Although physical activities is a major contributor for the success of any weight loss program, as a single entity, it is ineffective.

As mentioned earlier, there are two key players involved when losing excess pounds which are calorie intake and usage. If you exercise without controlling your food intake, you’ll probably gain more body mass. Why so?

Any physical activities need sufficient amounts of energy. As you can notice, if you’ve exerted a lot of energy, it will eventually double your craving for food. This is the main reason a lot dieters fail to carry out their goal. They jog every day and eat a lot afterwards.

With that said, you can’t rely on exercise alone. Self-control is also crucial when shedding extra body mass. If you can control your calorie intake and exert a lot of energy, you're on your way to the finish line. The problem with this is that self-control is hard to acquire and sustain. That is why you have to set your heart and mind to meet your desired weight. 

5. All fats are unhealthy and should be avoided

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As mentioned earlier, fats are evidently converted into 9 calories. Having said that, you might have thought that all fats are detrimental to your weight. Wrong! This is actually another fascinating issue in this list of weight loss myths. Why is this so?

Fats have two groups namely saturated and unsaturated fats. Unhealthy fats are typically found under the saturated group. But, you don’t have to completely avoid these products. It is actually proven in one research that fats can delay hunger. This is because it can disrupt the normal emptying process of your stomach making you feel full for longer periods. Aside from that fact, unsaturated fats are good for your health. Some of them, namely omega-3 and olive oil can even aid in your weight loss program.


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With that, hopefully this list of weight loss myths can help you reach your ideal body mass effectively and efficiently. Just always remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes to  shedding those extra pounds. You have to work hard and show determination to finish this aspiration. This is the only way for you to lose those unwanted fats without compromising your health. And of course, before trying any advertised fitness and weight loss programs and supplements. You must try to dig sufficient information first. Misconceptions will not only give you unsuccessful results, but it can also shatter your determination. So, to avoid misleading information like these myths, research is imperative. With the right information, you will definitely be in the right direction towards the finish line. 

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