Baffling medical mysteries , unknown diseases or pathogens that defy all known medical conventions are not only the stuff of sci-fi shows , in fact there have been several real life incidents and ailments that have befuddled the medical community over the years. Let’s look at a few of them.


Water Allergy –

The idea seems inconceivable as water nearly constitutes 60% of the human body. But strangely, there have been rare cases where individuals have been found to be suffering from water allergy.

The rare condition, medically termed as aquagenic urticarial was first evidenced way back in 1964. The afflicted persons can still drink water but the major impediment arises from washing. Le While taking a bath or shower, their skins tend to erupt in itchy red weals on exposure to water. What triggers this unusual morphological transformation is still a mystery. Some believe the water’s toxicity somehow tampers with the skin cells and causes this change, but the exact mechanism is still unknown


Chimeric People- The Twin Inside Me

This is a mindboggling medical phenomena where certain extraordinary, individuals have been found to be the composite mix of two people. The case of Human Chimera was first reported in Britain where a 52 year old woman named Jane was seen to be carrying two separate blood types.

 Chimeras are mythological beings which are portrayed in several folklores as mysterious creatures which are half human and half beast. Human chimeras, exist in simple terms when a single person carries the genetic constitution of two separate individuals.

After extensive research and testing experts came to the conclusion that Jane was the result of fusion of two embryos in her mother’s womb.

Human chimeras are quite common in everyday life but not all’s origin is so drastic. The signs are more subtle like two different eye colors or hair patches which are of different colors


The batty King Of England George III

The British King George III is ignominiously renowned for his mental derangement. The severity of the sudden bouts often resulted in the King being confined to the chair or straitjacket.

Scientists thought they knew the cause of these ravings: a genetic defect called porphyria. But in 2005 researchers examining a sample of King George's hair made a surprise discovery: high concentrations of arsenic.

The researchers believe that the medicine given to the King was contaminated with arsenic - making his predisposition to porphyria far worse. 

Morgellon’s Disease

Is it a disease or an acute case of delusional behavior? This is perhaps the most confounding question that doctors are yet to find a suitable answer. The symptoms are fibers sprouting out of itchy lesions accompanied by a biting crawling sensation under the skin, as if the afflicted is being infected by parasites, growing inside his or her skin.

Despite being reported by thousands of people all across the world, the doctors remain skeptical about this ailment and its genesis. They feel the crawling, biting sensation stems from a well -known psychological disorder called delusional parasitosis- which induces an unshakeable belief of one’s body being invaded by parasites despite evidence to the contrary.

However both the patients and the doctors have sound arguments so the jury is still out on this issue. However of late, certain sections of the medical fraternity have mooted the possibility of these lesions being caused by a bacterium Agrobacterium, which is responsible for tumors in plants.

Foreign Accent Syndrome –

If you wake one day and all of a sudden start speaking in a strong Russian accent, despite the fact that you have never been to Russia or hear a Russian speak before, then the chances are that you are suffering from a very well- known yet strange malady- Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Several such cases have been registered worldwide but first such reported incident can be traced back to a Norwegian woman in 1941who suddenly developed a strong German accent after being injured in an air raid.

This condition was earlier considered to be a psychological syndrome, however recently many feel that this condition is triggered by a neurological disorder, when a particular nerve or a part of the brain associated with speech, gets impaired.

However how people can talk in an accent they have never been exposed to, still continues to baffle the medical fraternity.