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I....uh....was sick!

We all know that people find excuses for why they were absent from school or work. It's something that has unfortunately been with us since the idea of personal responsibility was instilled into us. Throughout the years I have heard some really good excuses, ranging from hilarious to extremely sad. After all these years of being in school and the workforce, these are some of the most creative excuses I have heard and really found them entertaining and amazing.

Turn signal

This one was really amusing to me because he tried to play it off as a serious excuse. Nobody could take him seriously though. My co-worker walked in about 40 minutes late on a summer day, so of course it had nothing to do with going to the beach or anything. His excuse that he gave my boss was that his car is old and the right turn blinker was broken and he didn't want to break the law so he only made right turns all the way to work. Not only does that excuse not make sense but it was also hilarious in the way he pulled it off. My boss gave him a good tongue lashing and told him to "get his right blinker replaced" when he gets off work. That really got our workplace laughing hard and I found that amusing.

Bad cat food

I will never forget this excuse when I was in my junior year of high school back then. One of the students was notorious for being late or absent from class because, well, this is high school so who cares? He would frequently just say he was tired or not feeling well. But this excuse literally knocked the teacher off her feet. He said his cat was sick and he tasted the cat food he was feeding it to see what was wrong and then he got sick. I'll never forget how hard of a time our teacher had in trying to get the class to settle down after that one. Honestly how do we come up with these excuses?

My favorite tie

Here's a funny one I heard from my co-worker at a bank I worked at years ago. He called out for no apparent reason and when he came in the next day of course my boss asked him what was wrong. We thought he might have been sick since the week before he was slightly under the weather. Clearly we were wrong because he told us that his girlfriend was mad at him over something and took his favorite tie and flushed it down the toilet. He was so distraught that he had to call out from work because he missed his favorite tie. This one I wasn't completely sure was true or not because it seemed really farfetched but if it was a lie he did a good job because he never fessed up to it.

Parking spot

Sometimes when you hear these excuses you can't help but just have a perplexed look on your face. The sarcasm can be so thick and intense that you just laugh even though you know it's not true. This guy in my college macroeconomics class came in when the class was almost over so he was over 40 minutes late. My teacher stopped the class and sat on the desk and looked at him with a look that would make Agent Gibbs from NCIS proud. If I had popcorn this was the best moment to pull it out, I knew what was coming. He asked him what he was doing 40 minutes late. This guy just looks at him with a half smile and says "I didn't want to lose my favorite parking spot in front of my house." Honestly can you say rimshot? The class erupted in laughter and the teacher grinned but still tried to keep his composure. I honestly think that was a great excuse because we knew he was just sleeping in late but he decided to make it more entertaining for the class.

What about you?

So here are some of my favorites that I have heard throughout the years in school and work. Each one was really creative or far out there and I found them entertaining for the most part. Of course having people call out from work and being short handed is never fun, but these excuses made up for it....at least a little bit. What about you? What are some of your favorite excuses that you have heard? Do you have any that really knocked you off your feet or raised your eyebrow? There are plenty of excuses that people come up with and while some are funny while others are just pathetic, we as humans always look to make an excuse for our absence. This is how it will be as long as we don't regard personal responsibility as important as we should.