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Many people believe that there exists no way of getting a permanent hair removal. Consequently, after going for the hair removal procedure, you will have no chances or getting hair again. This is not true because there are methods which have been proven to work depending on an individual’s preference or health condition.

Pros and Cons of Shaving

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There are people who use shaving creams or even the razor and for them it works partially. They can stay for quite a long time without experiencing any hair growth on their bodies. However, there are those who experience quick hair growth a couple of days after shaving their hair. If this is the case, such people should be able to find permanent solutions to get rid of the hairs growing completely.

When one grows hair in places where everyone can see them- like the nose and the ears, it not only makes them look less presentable, these people tend to feel awkward and lose their self-esteem. Therefore they will opt for permanent hair removal solution in order to get rid of this problem.

The Advantages of Laser

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Currently, the most effective way of getting a permanent hair removal is the use of the laser. This is because the laser hair removes hair from its roots hence getting to the point at which it had all started that is where it started to grow. After the removal growth cannot be seen anymore. In case of the people whose hairs grow back they do so when they are soft and fine and hence the next procedure of hair removal becomes very easy.

Laser hair removal is also a sure way of achieving permanent hair removal because you will be using light unlike when someone uses creams which may not be effective or guarantee lasting results not work. Some of the hairs might be left on the skin too. Therefore the only sure and permanent way of hair removal is using the laser.

Cheap is Expensive

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Although it might be a bit expensive but it is a sure way that you will no longer have any hairs on your body. As the saying always goes “cheap is expensive”, this is evident in constant application or use of waxing creams to remove body hairs. The fact that they are cheap does not negate the requirement to use them over and over again without getting lasting results. This technique pales in comparison to laser hair whereby elimination of hair follicles is permanent thus impeding future growth of body hairs.

It is good to note that if the doctor advises you use hair removal creams and any other method of permanent hair removal, you should be able to adhere to that. This is because the doctor understands that if you use laser hair removal technique for permanent hair removal it may cause harm to the target area with body hairs.


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In conclusion, permanent hair removal can be achieved through techniques such as laser hair removal, and electrolysis. You ought to take into consideration the suitability of the procedure when choosing a permanent hair removal method so that you can get the one which works for you. But all in all laser hair removal is the best way of removing hair permanently.