Are you seriously suffering from anxiety and angst? Looking for a fruitful technique that can save you from this fretfulness? Are you desperate to find a practicable technique and you will do anything to do away with your anxiety? If these statements appropriately describe your condition or the condition of any of your near and dear ones, read on. In this article you will find a few effective relaxation techniques that can surely do the trick for you. You can achieve the techniques while you are sitting in front of your computer and surfing the internet.

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Feelings of anxiety is a sort of warning for a normal and healthy person that he is going to lose his bodily as well as mental health. It is a symptom to indicate that your mind, body and soul are out of order and are not working in coordination. The techniques that are described in this article are simple home remedies which you can start as soon as you finish reading this article. The relaxation techniques described here will help you to regain balance to your energy requirements.

Deep Breaths Relaxation

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Taking in deep breaths is an effective and the simplest on hand technique to come out of the severe anxiety or pain. I know that it is very difficult for the person suffering from anxiety to overcome his or her body and take in deep breaths. However in less severe conditions or at the start of the anxiety period, it is one of the best relaxation techniques that can prevent the fretfulness from becoming excessively large.

To exercise this technique, you must concentrate entirely on one point and take in the deep breath from your nostrils to your lungs. Do not forget to close your mouth during inhaling the air into your lungs. Fill the entire lungs to the bottom lobes and then hold the breath for a few moments. Now open your mouth and let the air come out without thrusting it out of your body. At the end you can use some force to thrust out the last remains of air or carbon dioxide in your body. Repeat this process several times and your anxiety will vanish.

Hot Bath Relaxation

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Taking a hot bath is one of the effective relaxation techniques and can be used when you are at home and feeling that a sense of anxiety is embracing you. A worried mind can cause imbalance in the functioning of an otherwise normal body, addition of one cup of Epsom salt and baking soda each to the hot water can do wonders. The skin act as an excretory organ and all the toxins or hormones causing anxiety come out of the body by taking a hot bath.

Mind Relaxation

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Emotional freedom technique is one of the more complex relaxation techniques which requires immense willpower and understanding of the anxiety. It involves a series of taps on and around the face and chest with special rhythm. Start trying one of the above discussed techniques if you really want to get rid of the anxiety and fretfulness.


In conclusion, relaxation techniques are essential ways to get rid of anxiety and tension from the body. These techniques are based on specific procedures targeting pressure points on the body and mind. Two most simple and workable relaxation techniques are deep breathing and taking hot bath.