Lose Weight Effectively Without Exercise

Lose it Permanently



During the past few years I have been reading on web and practicing myself different weight loss diets and sometimes exercise too for rapid weight loss. However, finally I found out that effective weight loss is not about losing it fast. Rather it's about losing it effectively and permanently for good.


With various diets I found that we lose the maximum in the first two weeks, which is probably the water weight. However I found out that I would lose weight this way with any diet that I follow, be it atkins, vegetarian, soup, or low calorie. So I realized that it's better to eat anything and still lose weight, rather following these bizarre diets.


Now I eat everything in my day to day life and still lose weight. However, the sad part is I don't go for fast weight loss anymore. I go for effective weight loss now. I follow a 1300 to 1400 calories diet and sometimes 1500 to 1700 on weekends, and am losing weight effectively for the past month. What I do is I don't cook anything special for myself, instead I eat whatever is cooked at home but in a limited quantity. Yes I follow the portion control method to lose weight. And I eat four meals in a day, including snacks. Breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. You can divide your calories whatever way you like and in any number of meals you want. I am not that obese and I still lost 4 kg in a month without exercise. Just the daily mild intensity house hold chores. However, I know it's just the first month I lose the most weight. I am ok if I lose even 1 kg every month from this point forwards, cause I know it would be 10 kg to 12 kg loss in a year and that's enough for me. For people much more obese or over weight, they can lose much more as their minimum calorie intake is also high. 


Its not difficult to calculate calories. Just practice portion control. Keep one third of your stomach for food, one third for water and the remaining for air while having your meals. Eat till you still have some appetite left, and make it a habit, and you wouldn't need to count calories even. This way you can eat anything you like and still lose weight.


Best of Luck!