Most endangered: Animals on the verge of Extinction.

Animals are very important parts of our biological living system. And they have an equal right to live on the planet that we live. But due to many human activities, these Innocent animals are disappearing slowly from the earth. They need to be saved and protected, otherwise, these helpless innocent animals will only be seen on pages of a book. 

To an estimated value - there are 10,000 endangered species in the world.

Scientists of many countries are trying to save and conserve these animals, and governments are trying there best to do the same. Wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, Enacting acts and making rules. But the measures that are being taken to save them, is far more less than the brutal acts played by human to reverse it.

Endangered animals:

10) The Hawaiin seal: These cute little seals are found in north-west hawaiin islands.

Scientists are not certain as to what is causing them to die. Estimates show that it's happening due to lack of fishes to eat and getting entangled in fish traps - due to mass fishing, and sadly, less than some 1000 are left.

9) Chinese Giant Salamander:  The Largest spider - criticalyy endangered.

Due to human activities, pollution etc and being eaten up, they have declined drastically - approx. 80% from the 1960's.

8) Siberian Tiger: They once lived in many countries, but now are confined to only Amur - ussuri region of Priomorsky-Krai  andkhabarovsk krai in far eastern Siberia, where it is now protected.

These are the largest cats in the world, but due to illegal hunting and loss of habitat in form of logging an ddevelopment, there are only some 500 left in the wild.

7)  Leatherback sea turtle: Though less in number, there nesting locations are widely distributed, and the nesting areas range from  Alaska and Norway and as far south as the Cape of good hope in Africa and the southernmost tip of New Zealand.



These are the largest living turtle and also the largest reptile after crocodillians. The main reason of their decline is the disposal of plastic bags in the sea. they mistake it to be a jelly fish, and eat it, and small quantities are enough to kill them. Over one-third of them and many other turtles injected plastics. There are very less left in the wild.

6) Moutain gorilla:  These beasts of the mountain are now critically endangered, and only left in four national parks, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. And, the other lives in The second population of mountain gorillas is found in a mountainous region referred to as the Virungas, which includes Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Uganda), Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda) and Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Poaching fuelled by political instabilty, and illegal timber harvesting that is reducong their habitat, continues to be a huge problem in the survival of these big monkeys. The estimates total left worldwide is only 790. 

only we can save then now.