You all know that you are supposed to pay close attention to airplane safety announcements, but do you? Probably not. So airlines are getting smart and coming up with ways to make the same old safety information more entertaining to actually keep your attention. Here are descriptions of some of the most eye-catching flight safety videos, and depending on where you are going you may just have a chance to catch a performance like these.

Air New Zealand Takes the Entertainment Crown

First, there is Richard Simmons and his band of exercisers – er, flight safety staff – as they dance and exercise their way through a disco themed flight safety video shown to passengers on the airline’s Boeing 737-300 aircraft. Simmons makes an exercise move out of the brace position and describes fastening your seatbelt with pizzazz. When it comes to issues of electronic gadgets, he points out that all of them “even the cool ones” interfere with the safety of the flight. This video is definitely worth the three minutes and 39 seconds of your time, especially when you are a captive audience.

You do not need to be a rugby fan, or even know what the sport is, to enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor of the flight safety video featuring the New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks. From handsome sports stars who make women need more air from the drop down oxygen system, to the closing where a small elderly woman streaks down the center aisle of the plane, this safety video is education but fun. The Kiwi’s really know how to educate their passengers while not taking themselves too seriously.

In another video, the flight crew wears only body paint. That includes members of the cabin crew as well as a pilot and watching the creative camera work that covers everything that should be was entertaining all on its own. There is something a little disconcerting about watching the painted-on scarf of one female flight attendant, however, because scarves do not normally move that much when you talk. All in all, it is an entertaining way to get the same old message across though.

Thomson Airways Take on a Younger Cast and Crew

While you may not be familiar with Thomson Airways, the airline’s flight video from 2009 is worth your three and a half minutes. Instead of the young attractive adults you are used to viewing on these videos, the airline went even younger, using a cast of adorable children with impeccable pronunciation to deliver their safety instructions. When the carry-on luggage consists of snorkels and teddy bears, it is hard to look away.

Southwest Airlines is Known for Being Out of the Ordinary

From the video of a rapping flight attendant who wants to spice up his fifth safety announcement of the day, to the others who make up their own little songs mimicking large purple dinosaurs, Southwest breaks the mold. While passengers often compare flying Southwest to being treated like cattle, there are breaks of sunshine courtesy of the entertaining flight crew that are simple to find when you search You Tube. A little laughter lightens any situation, especially one that can be stressful like flying.