Most Americans traveling with vacation plans are searching for a great deal. Getting the best space possible for the least expensive price is generally the goal. However, there are a certain élite group of travelers that simply want the best regardless of the cost. Having the best means money is no object and when it comes to what you can get when money is no object at one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. You could be a little surprised at what you will find in exchange for the money you pay and the advantages that come along with it.

The average traveler on a budget will discover their accommodations have a bed and not much more when it comes to a little extra. A little extra benefit could be a complimentary breakfast. Countless cases of upgrading by paying a little more on these tight budgets could merely mean you receive a cup of hot coffee and a doughnut instead of simply a doughnut. What do you get as an upgrade with the most expensive hotel rooms in the world? These small extras are astounding.

Some of these have spas, sports clubs, presidential suites or even Rolls Royce cars at the guests’ disposal during their stay. It is not uncommon to find the added benefit or added extra of a view from these works of architectural art to be a view out of an enormous floor to ceiling bay window that looks out over your own private beach. If you have it in your budget to enjoy a stay at one of these more than ritzy locations around the world, enjoy what you pay for during your stay.


Wakaya Club and Spa is an extraordinary hotel in Fiji at a cost of $4900 per night if you would like to enjoy a stay for the night. The hotel is on a secluded island with only 10 “cottages” each. With a private entrance to the Pacific Ocean these bungalow type waterfront bures are anything but “roughing” it while staying on the island.


Without question Paris would be on the list of cities with these palaces away from home catering to the élite. At $19,000 each night, imagine a suite at least 820 square feet with a massage table located inside of the elegant personal spa bathroom. A personal area for working out, private dining and personal living spaces all found inside of your Imperial Suite at the Park Hyatt inside of this gorgeous city.


Dubai has a chamber or suite at their Burj Al Arab Hotel that will run the average traveler a mere $22,000 a night. Your own personal driver will pick you up at the airport in a BMW at your disposal during your stay. Take your private elevator to your suite with a rotating four-poster bed. You cannot help but get a good night’s sleep upon your arrival after check in at these prices. If you need anything while you are here, simply let the courteous staff know and they will make it happen.


The Bahamas will not be outdone by Dubai with a $25,000 suite on their Paradise Island. Each guest space has an 800 square foot balcony and a 22 karat gold chandelier. For musically inclined patrons, there is a baby grand piano found in each room when you get the feeling to play just a little music.


Tokyo is identified as the most expensive city in the world and the Presidential Suite at the Ritz Carlton runs a cool $25,000 for each evening you stay. The amenities are in the tallest building in Tokyo with a view of Mount Fuji and every guest has a 40 inch flat screen television in the bathroom of each patron in the Ritz Carlton Presidential Suite.

New York City

New York City will not be outdone by Tokyo. In fact, they boast two of the most expensive kinds of these accommodations on the planet. The Royal Plaza Suite at the city’s Plaza Hotel has a dining area located within the suite that will seat up to 12 people. With an impressive library at your personal disposal and views of Central Park and Fifth Avenue you are getting your money’s worth at $30,000 per night.

New York also has the Four Seasons in this same category which runs $40,000 each night with the Ty Warner Penthouse suite. There are nine suites available with a glass balcony floor to ceiling bay window view. With 25 feet cathedral ceilings in the penthouse, the view of New York City is magnificent. You have a personal butler and massage therapist at your disposal during your stay. If you need a personal chauffeur or trainer during while you are here, they are also available to you.

Las Vegas

The High Rollers staying in Las Vegas are at the Palms Casino and Resort for $30,000 each evening. With a sunbathing deck, pop up plasma television and many other luxuries, expect to live as large as Hollywood’s famous movie stars. There is a Playboy swimming pool, but without the company of the bunnies.


Athens made the list with their Grand Resort Lagonissi at $45,000 a night. There is 4500 square feet of space for each guest to stay comfortably in this royal villa overlooking the Aegean Sea. There are Bulgari bath products, a spa treatment specialists, butler and of course a limo driver. With heated pools inside and outside as well the hotel staff will even fly you into Athens if needed since the locale is right outside of the bustling metropolis.


Geneva says money when doesn’t say anything else. At $65,000 a night the Royal Penthouse at the President Wilson Hotel does too. The rooms take some getting used to with nearly 20, 0000 feet of living space in this one hotel living area. Of course the view is overlooking the beautiful Lake Geneva and anyone that chooses to stay here will receive the best of absolutely everything. Details of what to expect are sketchy, but at these expensive costs the amenities are anything but. For the price tag I am certain whatever you ask for it yours while you are a guest.


In conclusion

These are the most expensive hotel chambers or lodgings around the world and what you will expect to pay for them. There are some with a lot of space and not a lot of amenities, but most of them have something unique to offer the customer willing to shell out the big bucks to stay at a place basically a home away from home. This is hotel living that many of us everyday people could really get used to.

If these are the hotels lodgings I found instead of the most cost competitive Holiday Inn online, I would never want to go home. I would keep the personal trainers, chauffeurs, helicopters, plans and limo drivers at my disposal. I suppose for a mortgage on a small house for each night’s stay they would give you something to write home about and there would not be very much homesickness at all.

the Ty Warner Penthouse in New York City

the Ty Warner Penthouse in New York city

villa in Athens

villa in Athens