Looking for some of the coolest websites online? Some of the coolest websites out there are still to be discovered. Let's face it. We all get bored at times, and surfing the web for some really entertaining websites help pass some time. Many people are interested in finding some unique and random websites to help get them through some boring situations. Here are some of the most fun websites found on the Internet.

Useful Websites

Here are some cool sites that can come in handy in a pinch or even increase your productivity.

Gas Buddy - This a cool, useful website that let's you see what the average gas prices are in an area. This would be useful if you are driving on the road and would like to see the cheapest average gas prices coming up the road.

Sit or Squat - Here's a random website that's pretty useful as well. Just punch in your zip code and you can find the nearest bathroom! This would be an awesome website for those times when...well you know...

Evernote - Another awesome website that can help increase your productivity is Evernote. You can use this to takes notes with voice capture, or also take a picture of writing that will convert to text. This would be a really useful website for converting recipes to text.

Random Websites

Random websites are really entertaining when you need to kill a few minutes while waiting around on something. Here are some funky sites you can use to waste some time while shopping with the spouse at the mall.

1) Do Nothing for 2 Minutes - This random website will start a timer and instruct you to do nothing for a full 2 minutes. If you touch any keys or move the mouse, you get a nice epic fail message and the timer starts over. I am not sure what the point is to this site, but I guess everyone could benefit from doing nothing every once in a while.

2) Eel Slap - This website is really funny. You basically get to slap a guy in the face with an eel over and over again. This definitely fits the mold of a completely random website!

3) Weave Silk - This soothing website will let you draw some pretty artistic designs while calm music plays in the background. This random website is a pretty good place to escape for a few moments.

Funky Websites

Funky sites can also keep people entertained. The bizarre, obscure and weird are always ready to deliver some good shock factor. Check out these unique sites.

1) Fark - A website for the truly bizarre and weird, Fark will have you saying "What the heck?" over and over again. Anytime you believe your life cannot get anymore strange, check out Fark and you will realize how utterly normal you are.

2) People of Walmart - Another awesome website is People of Walmart. Posted on this site are some of the most funny pictures you will ever see of real people caught on film in public....at Walmart. No actors or setups are at this website, simply real people doing some bizarre things at our favorite low-price store.

3) The Chive - A website housing some random but interesting news, the Chive will definitely keep you entertained for a while. This is a really cool website with post of some very random news and other going-ons in the world.

Cool Writing Websites

Do you enjoy writing? Then maybe you should write and make money online. There are many interesting sites available for you to make money online right now. After all, hobbies that make money are the best hobbies of all!

1) InfoBarrel - The website you are currently on is Infobarrel. This is a revenue sharing site where authors create useful content for readers and get paid along the way. InfoBarrel has a great community that is supportive and friendly.

2) Seekyt - Another revenue sharing platform is Seekyt where you can write reviews for money. The article length requirement is not quite as long as some writing sites, so you may find this to be a more efficient way to spend your time.

3) Bubblews - Bubblews is a very unique revenue sharing platform for writers. This cool writing website is one part article publishing site and one part social media site. As a writer, you write short posts and interact with others in the community. The author is paid based on the number of views, likes, dislikes, comments and social media shares. Bubblews is a very unique website indeed, and you might find it quite addicting as well.

There are many fun and innovative websites to visit online when you are bored. Maybe you just need to waste some time for a few minutes. The Internet is full of awesome and unique website to keep you entertained at all times.