Louisiana is known for different things and one of those is the paranormal activity that has been reported in many places. There are a lot of legends surrounding the state that talk about ghosts, vampires and voodoo rituals. With the history in the area it is not a surprise that these legends exist. We will be telling you about places that you can visit and stay in which some believe souls remain waiting between the world of the living and the dead.

These are by no means confirmed cases of hauntings, but the people who live or have visited the areas have many stories to tell and their testimonies are what will be used to get the places in the list. You should not just take our word for it as the state has many places with a reputation for being haunted. The next time you are in the area you may change your mind about not believing in ghosts.

Myrtles Plantation (St. Francisville)


Myrtles PlantationCredit: Katie Young Lowder

Myrtles Plantation is in St. Francisville and it is known as one of the most haunted places to spend the night in the US. The plantation is now a bed and breakfast, but its history is a lot darker. Some say that a total of 12 ghosts haunt this place (though there could be more) and the most famous one is the ghost of Chloe. Chloe was one of the slaves at the plantation and one day as punishment for eavesdropping she had one of her ears cut off.

Chloe looked for revenge so she poisoned a cake meant for the family. The cake did its job and three members of the Woodruff family died. Chloe was then hung by other slaves at Myrtles Plantation and later thrown into the river.

It is also believed that the house is over an Indian burial ground which is why an Indian woman haunts it. Another story has some union soldiers were also killed here and now haunt the place. Even a mirror is supposed to hold the souls of some ghosts including those of Sara Woodruff and her 2 daughters. 

Myrtles Plantation map

St. Louis Cemetery Number 1 (New Orleans)

St Louis Cemetery 1

Followers visit the tomb of Marie Leveau who was a Voodoo priestess in the area and leave offerings for her. This is the oldest cemetery in New Orléans and her ghost is one of the few that people believe haunt it; other residents of the cemetery include those who fought in the Battle of New Orléans. When you visit the cemetery you realize that there is little space to walk and that the tombs are almost like a maze.

If you do decide to visit the cemetery when you travel to New Orléans, make sure to bring your camera. Many visitors claim that they have actually captured an image of the Voodoo priestess and other unexplained figures like that of Henry who cannot find his own tomb. At the late hours of the night rituals still take place here, so you may want to visit earlier in the day and leave when it gets dark.

St. Louis Cemetery 1 Map

LaLaurie Mansion (New Orleans)

LaLaurie Mansion

The LaLaurie Mansion was the home of Louis and Delphine LaLaurie in 1832. The couple was well-respected in the Creole community and they were known as intelligent and upscale members of the community that could do no wrong. That was until a fire revealed the true nature of the couple.

At the time upscale people were known to own slaves and Madame LaLaurie loved to own them. Slaves however kept disappearing from the couple’s property. When the fire broke out in 1834 the reason for their disappearance became clear. The slaves were at the mansion some in cages and others chained to walls. Body parts all over the place and sick experiments done on some of them. The citizens cried for Delphine LaLaurie to face justice but the couple fled and were never found. A gravestone with her name is at St. Louis Cemetery Number 1.

Many ghost stories and tales from the mansion are a part of folk tales in the city including that of a girl people believe is a slave who tries to escape from the roof. Screams are heard from time to time even when the mansion is empty and Italian residents reported to have seen a ghost in chains that attacked them when he saw them only to disappear. Even the ghost of Madame LaLaurie is believed to have appeared in the mansion. Today it is a private residence and the owners say that no ghosts are in the property at least none that they have seen yet.

LaLaurie Mansion Map

Oak Alley Plantation (Vacherie)

Oak Alley Plantation

The Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie is another place where you can spend the night if you dare. The planation looks like a beautiful place to go to but the people who worked there through the years have spoken about different experiences of the supernatural nature. Some are figures of people who are not there to contact and the feeling that someone touches you when you are alone in the room. Even Hollywood has taken note and the plantation was the set for the movie “Interview with a Vampire”.

There have been several events that those around cannot explain like a candlestick flying across the room in front of a group of people and crying sounds in the house. A young slender woman was also spotted and those who work at the plantation believe that is the ghost of Josephine or Louise Pile Roman. A man in gray has also appeared in the mirror in the attic and in the kitchen. Other unexplained phenomena take place often at Oak Alley.

Oak Alley Plantation Map