Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it will not stop you from sometimes having that feeling that someone or something is watching you. Some people make a living trying to figure out how real a case of a haunting is, and while it cannot always be proven there are some places that just radiate negativity. The thing about a lot of those places is that at one point in its history something tragic may have taken place there. Is a living energy still at those places or is it all in our imagination? We do not really know the answer, but what we do know is that these are the top spots where paranormal activity has taken place.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary is always one of the places ghost trackers mention as one of the most haunted places in America. With all the history that took place in this Pennsylvania jail it is no wonder that people feel a negative energy while in it. This is a place where the worse of society ended up, some were tortured and even killed. Investigators have recorded EVP and some visitors have felt tugged and pushed. Laughter and voices can sometimes be heard and even recorded Mysterious mists rise inside the prison when nothing of the sort is happening outside.

Day and night tours are available and during Halloween it becomes one of the most visited places in the area. There have been different investigations conducted here including from the Ghost Hunters TV show on A&E as well as MTV Fear. Most of those investigations concluded that activity does indeed take place here.

Rolling Hills Asylum

Rolling Hills Asylum

A prison will house some of the worse of society, but an asylum brings the negativity levels up a bit. Rolling Hills shows you why these places are still feared even by people who do paranormal investigations and who are supposedly used to such conditions. The asylum did not just take mentally unstable people; it took everything from drunks to the criminally insane. Some of the people who were admitted never got out and if they had no family they would be buried at the cemetery in the same grounds. 1700 bodies are at the cemetery and most of them in unmarked graves. Tours are available today, but only the brave need to go because here you will hear voices, sounds of furniture moving by itself, footsteps and in some cases even full body apparitions.

The sounds that you would expect from an asylum are still heard here and those include screams, cries and laughter. Investigations are available to groups and they always will have a couple of representatives with you. The rules are there for visitor’s safety, so if you decide to visit make sure to follow them.

Weston State Hospital

Weston State Asylum

 The Weston State Hospital does not sound as intimidating until you refer to it by its other name. this hospital is also known as the Weston Lunatic Asylum. Just like a lot of hospitals of the day, Weston State quickly became overcrowded. While it was first designed to hold 250 patients, it held 1800 by 1949. Most of the patients were mentally ill, epileptic and drug addicts. If you are looking for famous patients then one of them was Charles Manson, but the ghosts are the main reason why you may want to visit. Tours are available both during the day and at night and some people choose to stay overnight which is available on Saturdays.

A few investigators have actually named this place as the most haunted in the country. Some of the reasons that they call this place one of the most haunted is that they have observed full body apparitions, recorded very clear EVP, have heard screams and cries for help and footsteps when no one is around or even standing. If you are staying here overnight you could experience touching, pushing and breathing on your shoulder. EVPs have warned visitors to leave and go home so it can get quite scary.

Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham Alabama

Sloss Furnacess

Construction is a dangerous job today, and in 1880 they were almost a death trap. The Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham Alabama are the perfect example, as hundreds of men died in their construction. Working conditions were extremely dangerous so deaths were not that out of the ordinary.

One of the most famous ghosts at the furnaces is that of James Wormwood who died at the tallest one. He has appeared all over the property to visitors, but mostly at the place where he died. He is not the only ghost that people have spotted here. Visitors say that many of the workers also show up and those stories have been around for decades. Today you can sometimes hear the sounds of voices and screams which are some of the most often reported phenomena. People also have seen shadowy figures, changes of temperature from one spot to the other, problems with electronic devices and lights.

Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg Battlefield

With all the deaths that took place at Gettysburg it is no wonder that it is considered by most paranormal researchers the most haunted place in the country. This was the battle that helped decide the outcome of the civil war and during the 3 days it took to complete the battle thousands of soldiers from both sides died. There were 7,863 deaths and 11,199 men ended missing after the battle so the number of deaths is a lot bigger than the confirmed number. While the fight was going on and after it the area was full of dead bodies so a few researchers think some soldiers are still there fighting today.

Some of the areas that report activity besides the battleground are the Farnsworth House Inn, The Jenny Wade House and Museum, the Daniel Lady Farm and Cashtown Inn. The paranormal activity ranges from smells of death to screams, full body apparitions, voices when no one is around, footsteps etc. The area is large enough that visitors report activity in places where no one had reported it before. You can also visit at any time of the day because the battle was almost non-stop and the ghosts of the soldiers manifest at any time.