How get into shape

Most people honestly believe if they go to the gym once a week and do some bench press or arm curls they are doing well. If your one of those people you are going about getting healthy and into shape all wrong.


The absolute most important aspect into getting into shape is your diet, hands down. If you have a poor diet you will never succeed in getting into great shape. Liquids are just as important as healthy food choices. Drinking soda every meal will put you just as far behind as unhealthy foods. Switch over to water; this is the absolute best beverage choice you can drink. It has no calories and it helps to flush unwanted toxins from your body. Try not to eat too many carbs, and try not using mayo or ranch on your salad or sandwiches. Find a healthy alternative that fits your lifestyle such as mustard or vinegar. If you change your diet you will change the shape of your body guaranteed even if you choose not to be active.


Going to the gym isn't all about trying to be the strongest person in the place. If you really want to get into great shape and shed unwanted pounds get on a consistent cardio workout. Cardio is essential for burning fat and is a whole lot more important than lifting weights. Get on a plan, and switch up what you do every time you go tithe gym. One day run on the treadmill, next time ride a bike, next time get on the row machine. If you keep your body guessing it is a lot less likely you will get sick of any certain exercise.


You should think of the weight part of your workout as just keeping your muscle their and tone. You shouldn't have to try and throw your back out lifting something way too heavy for yourself. Weights are designed to build muscle not loose body fat. Lift weights that you are comfortable with where you will feel a burn but not so much that you can't walk the next day.

 If you follow these simple tips you will with no doubt get in a lot better shape in a matter of months. The key is to stick with it don't get discouraged if the first few weeks are frustrating. You should get on a plan or schedule which you need to stick to no matter what.