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When we are looking to get a great new look for our existing furniture the first recommendation is that you look into getting a chair slip cover. This is probably one of the easiest ways that you can give your home a new fresh look without totally breaking the bank. With anything that is fabric based you want to make sure that you stay away from prints. If you are buying a chair slipcover that is a print and that has been made very cheaply your home décor will look very cheap and extremely poor. A recommendation is that when you are spending money on a slipcover because you don't want to spend three maybe four times as much on reupholstering your chairs you need to make sure you at least get good quality slipcovers. Try not to fall into the category of people that end up buying $20 slipcovers and they look extremely cheap and do not help the look of the environment.

When buying a chair slip cover there is a few important things that you can look for to make sure that you get exactly the look and quality of the chair that you want. The first thing to look at is the threads. Are the threads thin and cheap or are they structured properly and tightly woven. This has a huge impact on the look as well as the feel of the slipcover.

The second thing to look for that is extremely important is a the stitching on the ends. You need to look at the borders and see how they were finished. Were they given an extra piece of fabric that finishes off the material or was the material just wrapped under and tucked up. You need to know if the ends were positioned properly and if the fabric looks well-made or not.

You also need to look at fabric lining material. This is extremely important when it comes to chairs that take a bunch of abuse like dining room chair slipcovers. The important thing about the lining is that it gives the slipcover more of a cushion and protection from the actual chair under it. The lining will also help with any spills that you might have or any issues with the slipcover being too thin and showing the material underneath through the top. This has been an issue but can be avoided if you just simply look at the quality of lining of slipcovers that you have.