Australian Cities that Guarantee Excellent Lifestyle and Livability

Intelligence Unit of Economist regularly announces the Global Livability Ranking of different cities all around the earth. The top cities of Australia that attained the top ten list of most livable cities last year are Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Per

Intelligence Team of Economist annually publishes the Ranking of Global Livability of various cities all around the world. The top Australian cities that attained the top ten list of most livable cities previous year are Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. the city of Vancouver was chosen as the most livable city.

This year, the analysis exposed Melbourne to be the topmost livable city. Australia has evened scores with Canada as the topmost livable country with 4 cities, ensuring it to the top 10 list.

These cities were scored based on many criteria like: public safety from government, quality of health care, public safety from illegal activities, cost of living, cultural availability, corruption level, censorship level, food & drinks , consumer goods and services, quality of education, quality of transportation, quality of private utilities and services, weather conditions, and public utilities and services quality. These lifestyle factors for ranking are categorized in five different categories like Healthcare (20%), Education (10%), Culture & Environment (25%), Stability (25%), and Infrastructure (20%).

The Economist Livability Index 2011

Last year, Vancouver, Canada was in top position as the topmost livable city in the world. In 2010, Vancouver was ranked as the most livable city with inflated scores mainly because it hosted Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2010. The inflation in scores was due to the changes in the infrastructure and culture and environment since the city hosted the major sports events. Lots of investment was taken in security measures also and this as well leaded Vancouver to higher on the list. Yet, later within a year, Vancouver drops down the rank and Melbourne makes its way to the lead as the most livable place in the world.

Melbourne: The Most Livable City

Frequently, Melbourne was enlisted as one of the most livable cities in the earth after the study is conducted by Intelligence Unit of Economist. Melbourne easily attains higher scores in most categories as the city has convenient quality healthcare, weather, low corruption, public safety, cultural activities, proper infrastructure, and quality education. Government of Australia has taken several initiates over the years to better the quality of life in Melbourne.

  • Homes are steadily becoming more and more low-cost in the city. Compared to other cities, personal lease dwellings are at large in Melbourne
  • Due to green initiative"steps set in motion by Australian Government, price of living is reduced as energy and water consumption is also minimized
  • Because of upgrade in transport infrastructure, both private and public transportation has widely enhanced. Transport infrastructure is undergoing a revamp as the Australian Government spends a lot"lots of their revenue on it. Residents of Melbourne choose to use public transport widely, in comparison with the residents of other cities of Australia
  • Melbourne was capable to as well lessen Oil and Mortgage Vulnerability
  • The efforts of the Australian Government to improve industry of healthcare in Melbourne have paid off as patients flow from different cities and countries for advanced medical treatment in Melbourne

Even tough, Melbourne is the most livable city in the world, some other cities of Australia also gained the top 10 livability rankings. Australian cities - Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth are most livable cities as well in the world. These Australian cities constantly find a way to attain to the top most livable cities in the world. From 2002 to 2004, Brisbane was featured in the top ten livable cities rank, but the city missed position this year. Because of convenient infrastructure, economic activity, and living environment trough out Australia, many cities have attained high scores in livability index. To Economist, these cities have consistently higher standard of living comparing to other cities. The service industry of Australian cities have vastly enhanced and the demand has as well increased and all these lead to higher livability index.

However, the reputation of this livability rank is also questionable. Like Canada, Australia is also ensuring itself to the top position as it is less safety hazard, less violent, and less crime news genrating country. Australia has many optimistic factors that gives the reputation to earn recognition as best place to live after heaven. For these and many reasons, Australian Immigration, Australian Visa, and Australian Permanent Residency is heavenly for many lower livable cities in Asia, Americas, and Europe.