Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring just made its debut this week and the world is going crazy comparing it with Angelina’s engagement ring. Although these two rings deserve are undeniably popular, it doesn’t compare to any of the rings listed below.

The engagement rings below are the ones given to or given by members of different royal families. Although many of the countries in the world have gone towards the democratic form, royal families are maintained if only to attract tourism in the country. The rest of the world have subscribed to their royal status simply because it’s a nice “fantasy” to watch. It is no wonder these rings have not only become popular, it dictated “engagement ring trends” in the world.

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring – Sapphire with Diamonds

Princess Diana Engagement Ring(115463)

This ring broke a lot of traditions:

1)      Prince Charles proposed without a ring. Apparently, he wanted Diana to think about the implications of marrying him first before he buys her one.

2)      When Diana insisted she’s ready, they went to the nearest jewellery store to look for a ring. That meant, everyone knew how much it was worth.

3)      It wasn’t a custom ring which was what was expected from a next-in-line to the throne.

4)      The main gem was a sapphire instead of a diamond.

When Prince Charles bought it, it was no more than $70,000. Naturally, that is worth more than that now especially because William gave it to Kate Middleton.

That ring changed trends twice over. When it made its debut, the worth of sapphires shot up and the demand for sapphire engagement ring more than tripled. The same thing happened with William gave it to Kate.

Queen Elizabeth’s Engagement Ring – Recycled Diamonds

queen elizabeth engagement ring

Not to be outdone, Queen Elizabeth has one huge story behind her engagement ring. Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, knew he was proposing to the future queen. He wanted to make the ring special.

He ended up proposing with a simple 3 carat diamond ring flanked by five more smaller diamonds. The metal used was platinum.

The special thing about the ring, however, was the fact that Prince Philip used the gem in her mother’s tiara to make the ring. To this day, the Queen still regularly wears her engagement ring. Of all the blings she has, her engagement ring is her favourite.

The one great thing about the whole decision to use her mother’s tiara is the trend it set. It made people realize it is okay to recycle gems and metals for as long as the gem or metal holds a special meaning to the giver.

Princes Sarah’s Engagement Ring – Ruby with Diamonds

sarah ferguson engagement ring(115465)Like Prince Charles, Prince Edward was under pressure to his bride a beautiful ring. The Prince delivered. Using his own design, he gave Sarah a ruby ring surrounded by diamonds. It was not the traditional 5-table-gem (a gem so big you can see it from five tables away) but the mere fact that a Princes was going to wear it was enough for the Ruby to become a popular engagement gem.

However, it wasn’t Princess Sarah who was the first to get a ruby ring. Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, also got a ruby ring from Antony Armstrong-Jones.

It also inspired many jewellers to come out and say that the ruby, in fact, is a rarer gem than the Diamond to degree.

Grace Kelly – Big Bad Diamond

Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring(115464)The real life Cinderella, Grace Kelly, originally received an eternity band with rubies and diamonds for people to climb, he immediately got Grace Kelly a bigger ring.

However, there were some rumors that the ring was not actually paid for by Prince Reinier. Apparently, MGM, the mother studio of Grace Kelly, wanted to create the perfect fairytale. They, in fact, paid for everything in the wedding including the engagement ring. None of those rumours were confirmed though.

Her ring is a 10 carat diamond ring flanked by two smaller diamonds and set in a Baguette. It immediately became “THE” standard for all rings. Jewellers then started selling “fake diamonds” or the Zubic gem. It is a synthetic diamond, made in the lab, but had the same chemical composition as a diamond.

Queen Victoria

Quuen Victoria engagement ring

Finally, the woman who started it all.

Queen Victoria has always been an unconventional woman. For one, she’s a voluptuous strong woman who never followed trends when it comes to human body. She’s a little on the heavy side and she never hid it. Big ups to the girl.

Second, her love for her husband was so great that she wore black for 40 years as a sign of her mourning after her husband passed away.

Third, although their marriage was an arranged one, she fell head over heels in love with Prince Albert. It was a love she was able to sustain. In fact, she was open about the fact that they had a great sex life even after 9 children.

What many don’t know is that Prince Albert and Queen Victoria are most likely the ones who began the “engagement ring” tradition. Prince Albert offered Queen Victoria a ring as a gift and sign that they were going to be married. He gave her ring in the shape of a snake because it was a sign of eternal love. She proudly wore the ring till the day of her death.

How to Get a Copy of Royal Engagement Rings

The ring of Princess Diana is probably the most copied engagement ring in the world. There are many ways to get copies of these rings without having to pay the same amount:

1)      Substitute the gems with other gems that have the same color but are not as expensive

2)      Check out different stores that sell copycats. They used artificial stones or gems that were cultured in a lab.

3)      Buy used rings. Sites like have a large collection of rings that are being sold by women or men whose engagements have been broken. They are usually willing to sell at a loss just because many of them just want to be lose the ring. 


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