Every year it seems like there is some “it” toy, some hot faddish item that everyone simply must have. Of course, it is impossible to predict what it will be. That’s the nature of fads, they spring up from nowhere and spread, epidemic-like, through the culture.

We can, however, look at some of the most popular sellers from recent years and use that to predict what will be the big sellers in the future. As we look back we will see very familiar names that in all likelihood will continue their strong runs this year.

The one thing to remember is that there is always some unexpected new entry into the market. This is due to companies saving certain items and then shipping them at the last minute.

This creates a spectacle, complete with artificial scarcity, which in turn drives up prices. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Christmas toys of recent memory.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii. This was truly one of the great products of the decade. There were rumors that Nintendo was working on a new type of game console, but no one could really say what would differentiate it.Christmas Gifts(58823)

It turns out that the Wii is fun for the whole family, parents have Wii parties, boys and girls love the physicality of the games, and people of all ages enjoy its competitive capabilities.

This has been a great seller for the past few years since it entered the market. While there is no new Wii to buy, there are always new games and attachments. These could both make great gifts.


i(Anything). Apple has seemingly colonized the future of electronics. There was probably no more popular gadget than the iPod was all those years ago. Now with the iPhone and the iPad, there are even more options.

While most people have at least one if these items by now, there are always newer and flashier models being released. If you know someone who is a gadget aficionado, consider getting them an item from the iFamily of products.

While not toys in the strictest sense, any child over the age of six will try to convince you that the iFamily does have the most popular Christmas toys ever.

Barbie Dolls

Barbie. Believe it or not, Barbie dolls are still going strong after all these years. Just like the Frisbee, it seems Barbie will never fade away, and will only continue to be seen in new lights, to be used for new purposes.

It’s unclear why Barbie has enjoyed such a resurgence of popularity recently, maybe it’s because she never lost it? Either way, you have never had more options to choose from when it comes to these items.

There are the usual dolls with their luxurious peripherals such as condos and sports cars, but now there are interactive computer features as well.

These include online studios where you can design innovative fashion and hairstyles, and websites to keep track of individual choices. These three groups of the most popular Christmas toys are viable in their own right, but may also point the way to what will be popular this year.