Metabolic and digestive enzymes are made by the human body. Plant enzymes are created in plants and are often obtained by sales from enzymes suppliers. Enzymes are important to the digestive system and they turn the food we eat into energy. Without them the body may lack energy. Energy from enzymes is used extensively in the food production process. Food enzymes are killed off when the food is cooked above 118 degrees so any foods that contain them that have been cooked such as meat will be destroyed. However the food and beverage industry uses the fact that enzymes break down in the process of their creation such as the type found in yeast which are used in fermentation.

Yeast Enzymes

Fermentation is used for beer and wine production as well as for baking breads. As yeast enzymes are used to break down sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide or CO2 which is the process of fermentation. Alcohol is a byproduct of fermentation and the result of fermentation are alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine. Whether the enzymes used in the bread baking process or in the wine production process are purchased from enzymes suppliers perhaps in the form of yeast it is the yeast enzymes that break down the ingredients and let the bread rise. Yeast as part of enzymes sales is made up of the following popular enzymes invertase and zymase.

The Working Yeast Organisms

The enzymes that make up the yeast whether from venta de enzimas (enzymes sales in Spanish) or obtained from suppliers are used for the fermentation of sugar to form ethanol. Invertase breaks sucrose anaerobically into glucose and fructose. Anaerobic is the process that happens without using any oxygen and yeast is one of the few known living organisms which does not require oxygen to work. So when you use yeast to help your bread rise or in the process of breaking down the sugar and make carbon dioxide during the one hour resting period when the bread rises you are using those popular enzymes to hurry up the chemical reactions which occur during the rising of the bread. Without the enzymes the bread would perhaps never rise or rise very slowly.

Popular Enzymes

Two are protease which splits up proteins into amino acid building blocks and available from enzymes sales or from enzymes suppliers and amylase which accelerates the starch into smaller bits.

Common Enzymes Uses

Plant enzymes like lipase are the enzyme in fatty fruits such as avocados is that the avocado will contain just enough of that enzyme to break down the actual and total fat in that one specific avocado. The enzymes are not stored in the body to be used on other food products.  Grains contain the enzyme maltase which breaks down the malt in grains so you can digest bread and foods made with grains easier. So whenever and however enzymes are produced they are used to make chemical reactions go faster in any living organism whether it be produce and purchased from proveedores de enzimas (enzymes suppliers in Spanish) and enzymes sales.