When planning your child's birthday party, you don't have to go to extreme measures to have a successful party. One of the best ways to help you plan out the occasion is to choose from kids birthday party themes.

When you have a theme to work around, it is easier to buy supplies, choose the type of food you will eat, and what kind of activities you will consider. Here are some popular kids birthday party themes to help the wheels start turning.

It may be a good idea to also ask your child what kind of party they would like to have. If they don't know, you may want to offer some of these suggestions:

1. Disney Princess Party – This is a great option for a girl's party. Why only have one Disney character when you can have a slew of them?

2. Animal Safari Party – This would be a great theme for smaller children, especially if you are planning on playing charades.

3. Pirate Party – Aye aye! You may want to top off the day with a treasure hunt.

4. Cat in the Hat Party – This would be fun, especially if you are planning on having a reading time.

5. Pony Party – This would be a great theme, especially if you are able to go to a petting zoo or have the guests go on pony rides.

6. Heroes Birthday Party – This would be really fun to incorporate as a costume party. Have your guests dress up as their favorite hero.

7. Happy Feet Birthday Party – You could have music, play musical chairs, and eat snow cones.

8. Make-over Birthday Party – This is for girls between 8 and 12. Have your guests ready to get their hair and nails done.

9. Sports Birthday Party – You could incorporate the actual sport into the day as an activity.

10. NASCAR Birthday Party – It would be really fun if you could take your guests to a park where there are bumper cars or a race track.

Hopefully, these kids birthday party themes have helped you develop some ideas for your child's birthday party.

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