Kitchens are the most fun and entertaining parts of the house to decorate and be creative with. The first things that people notice in most kitchens are the windows. They also notice the styles and fabrics of the kitchen curtains.

People in Japan are very creative. There are all sorts of different and unique designs for curtains. There are simply no limits. The most fascinating things about them are the various colors and shades.

Japanese curtain designs and styles are mostly special for their uniqueness. Most of their valances and kitchen curtains are a result of a combination of different colors.

Maroon and black are some of the most favored colors used put together. Also white and black which are even more popular in most homes. People in Tokyo prefer basic colors and a lot of them even have famous Japanese cartoon characters on their kitchen curtains.

Despite newer technology and modern kitchen designs, they still prefer using the simplest kinds of window coverings. Simplicity isn't a bad thing because it never goes out of style.

Another popular color used is lilac. There is no doubt that this shade of violet would go great with almost any kitchen design. It is very complimenting to small size accessories and small kitchens.

Most of all they love white. As I have mentioned before most of them enjoy simplicity, but that doesn't mean they only use plain colors. A lot of them buy plain colored curtains only to have them decorated personally by themselves.

Hand made things are very popular over there. People love making their own accessories and simple house furnishings including kitchen curtains. It saves you a lot too, not to mention the proud feeling you'll get after your work is done.