If you are looking for the best costume ideas then you've come to the right place. This article provides a list of the coolest costume ideas available in today's fancy dress market. If you are planning a Halloween party or maybe a fancy dress party then these costumes will be just what you need. Even if you don't have a party to go to, these male superhero costumes are great just for fun. You may be thinking why should men have all the fun? If so then be sure to checkout my article on female superhero costumes. There is a link in my signature which can be found at the top right corner of this page.

Superman Male Superhero Costume


Who doesn't instantly recognise superman when they see him? This superman superhero costume is one of the coolest costumes on the market for men. This costume comes with a cape as do all the best costumes. Can you imagine turning up to your next fancy dress party or event dressed in your favorite superheros costume? Sometimes the well-known characters make for the best costume ideas and this is no exception. Looking at the photograph you may think that the costume is skin-tight but don't fear those abs aren't real. They're designed into the costume so you won't have to spend weeks in the gym before you can look like an authentic superhero.

Spiderman Male Superhero Costume


"Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can!" I think you know the rest. What a fantastic looking male superhero costume.

This full bodied Spiderman costume is one of the coolest costumes on the market and you may well be mistaken for the real thing. Lets just hope that no-one asks you to prove that you're the real macoy by asking you to climb walls or spin webs.

This Spiderman costume is very popular at Halloween parties and fancy dress parties.

Being one of the coolest costumes available, the outfit includes a full bodied suit with a face mask. The mask has mesh eyes so that you can easily see where your enemies are.

Robin Male Superhero Costume


As with the superman costume you won't need to spend weeks at the gym before you wear this male superhero costume, as the abs and life like pecs are built into the material. Robin makes for one of the best costume ideas you are ever likely to see. Included with this costume is a black mask, jumpsuit with boot tops, cape, and yellow belt.

If you and a friend are going to a fancy dress party perhaps one of you could go as Robin and the other as Batman? You'll both without a doubt be wearing the coolest costumes available.

If you'd like to see the female version of this superhero costume then make sure you take a look at my female superhero costume article, where you'll see the coolest costumes for women. You will find the link in my signature at the top right of this page.

Batman Male Superhero Costume


Here is the perfect complimentary outfit to the Robin costume. Can you imagine you and a friend turning up to a party as Batman and Robin? These superhero costumes really do make for two of the coolest costumes available. People from all over the world instantly recognise Batman and Robin when they see them.

Same as the Robin costume, the Batman outfit features a full muscle chest jumpsuit. These outfits are without a doubt some of the best costume ideas for Halloween parties.