ToddlerCredit: Morgue FileIf you know a toddler you probably realize that clothes and money do not excite them.  When you are that young, the only thing you want for a gift are toys.  Buying the most popular toys for toddler is a great way to get on the toddler’s good side and be the one that brought the best gift.  Here are some ideas you can choose from.

Fisher Price Bubble Mower

Forget the old fashion bubble wand or even the bubble gun that was popular back in the day.  The Fisher Price bubble mower is one of the most popular toys for toddlers.  With this toy they can mow the yard and watch bubbles go into the air at the same time.  This is a great way to keep kids occupied while their parents are outside mowing the yard.  This toy will provide your child with endless hours of fun. 

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

All toddlers love to see a big present in the corner just waiting for them to unwrap.  Your little basketball star can score lots of baskets with this fun set.  It is designed to be just their height so they don’t get frustrated when they cannot make a basket.  You can also change the height of the basketball hoop to make it higher as well.  When you gift this basketball set to your favorite toddler they will surely love you forever.

VTech Slide and Talk Smartphone

Toddlers want to be just like the adults they see around them.  Now they can be with VTech Slide and Talk Smartphone.  Also, since this is made by VTech you can bet that this is an educational toy as well.  It teaches numbers, letters, counting and says the alphabet.  Your child can “call” friends on the contact list in the phone and have fun with what they have to say.  There is nothing better than a to that helps a child learn and is loads of fun. 

Radio Flyer Spin N Saucer

You probably know Radio Flyer for their wagons that they make.  Radio Flyer now makes a cool fun new toy that any toddler will absolute love!  This spin n saucer is a circular shape where the child sits down.  The wheels spin 360 degrees so they can spin around in circles or move forward and backwards.  This is similar to the sit and spin only it is modernized.  This toy has lights and sounds on it as well!

Kitchen Set

When a toddler uses their imagination it helps them grow and develop and learn to be creative in the process.  A kitchen set is one of the most imaginative toys.  Include some dishes and play food with the kitchen set and they will be on their way to making some great food for you using their imagination.  This is another one of those big gifts that they will be dying to open first. 

Buying the best toy for the child is a great way to get on your toddler’s good side.  They will very impressed with the choice of toy that you have picked out for them and your gift will be the hit at the party.

Radio Flyer Spin N Saucer with Electronics, Red
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(price as of May 1, 2015)
Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
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(price as of May 1, 2015)