Black and Decker Pivoting Hand Vacuum

The best and most powerful hand vac for the money that is on the market is the Black and Decker 18-Volt Pivoting Nose Cordless Handheld Vacuum and I am going to tell you why. Consumer reports also acknowledge this as well as the many consumers who have bought the product including me. When I first read about this handheld vacuum I knew it was the one for me, powerful and cheap. Of course, there are other features I like, but those two are the selling points that sold me.

Like most people I have had my share of cordless dustbusters that were worthless from the beginning. The worst part about them is that they would die halfway through the process. I was determined this time to get one that was not going to do that and I am happy to say that my new cordless dustbuster stays strong til the finish every time. That is, as long as I remember to keep it on the charger like I'm supposed to. Now, let's look at why the Black and Decker 18V Pivoting Nose Handheld Vacuum is your best bet for the money.

Black and Decker 18 Volt Pivoting Nose Handheld Vacuum Features

As mentioned above this cordless vacuum cleaner is very powerful for the money. Granted, there are more powerful ones on the market, but they cost an arm and a leg and you may not be able to afford them. So, if you're low on cash this specific cordless hand vac is the best one for the money.

The next best feature is that it is capable of reaching into areas that are very hard to clean, for example, between the seats in the car. We all know this is always a problem, but not with this cordless hand vac. The nozzle or nose is very slim and fits down closer than other handheld vacuum cleaners. The nose also slides out and extends sort of like a separate attachment. This comes in handy quite often.

It also stays charged up for long periods I have never had it die on me before I was finished. Naturally, for it to be ready to go you need to remember to keep it on the charger when not in use. There are also two speeds, so that you can make it go faster, awesome for when you're in a hurry. This feature helps me save time and get rooms cleaned quickly for guests when they call and say they're stopping by.

One of the other great features of this cordless hand vacuum cleaner is that it folds up nicely for storage. Great for those who travel since it packs easily as well as for short trips and vacations. I always take my hand vacuum on vacation with me to clean out the car and motel rooms. It's also good for people who have limited space for storage like those who live in small apartments. It just so happens that I live in a small apartment and store mine behind the drapes out of sight and easy to access.

There are only two things about the Black and Decker 18V Pivoting Nose Cordless Handheld Vacuum that I don't care for. One is that the suction tube is narrow and needs to be unclogged often and the second reason is that when you're cleaning out the car it can get heavy. I think its because of the awkward positions you get into as you clean. Other than these two small issues it is excellent.

If you are short on cash and need or want a handy cordless hand vacuum you won't be disappointed in the performance of the Black and Decker 18V Pivoting Nose Cordless Handheld Vacuum cleaner.

There are always sales online and Amazon carries them for $70-75. Amazon is a safe and trusted website that has discounts running year round. While on Amazon go ahead and read the other reviews and see for yourself. Why pay more for a powerful cordless hand vacuum than you have to?

Black and Decker Pivoting Hand Vacuum

Black and Decker Pivoting Nose Hand Vacuum

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