In a world where it seems there is an eternal amount of beauty gadgets being invented every day it is hard to recognise which ones will actually work for you and improve your appearance. That sinking feeling when you realize the newest product you have bought isn’t all it was cracked up to be doesn’t have to happen IF you do your research and seek out the best reviewed and top selling gadgets. In this article I will be looking at a range of tested and recommended products that every woman should have on hand.

Hair Straighteners - Corioliss C2 Iron

Usually GHD would be the first port of call for top end and reliable hair straighteners. However, many women are now dropping the GHD’s in favour of the newer Corioliss brand. In particular the C2 Iron is reported to be the new miracle of the straightening world. The C2 Iron provides the option of either straightening or curling hair and its plates are made from strong titanium which is gentler and beneficial on hair. At £130 the straighteners may leave you with a hole in your pocket but remember hair straighteners should at least last a couple of years!

£130 ($210)


Toothbrush - Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

One of the most advanced toothbrushes available to the public the Diamond Clean from Philips is a rechargeable toothbrush like no other. The key feature of the brush is the diamond shape bristles which are designed to make teeth whiter whilst giving a full clean. A point of contention here may be the price which is understandable but there are so few toothbrushes out there that make you feel like you’ve just come from the dental hygienists. Replaceable brush heads for the DiamondClean can be found for under £20.

£249.99 ($400)


Curling Tongs - Yogi Hair Wand

Curling tongs can often be a useless annoyance for women and a little bit fiddly to manage, until, that is, the emergence of the Yogi Hair Wand. The great thing about the Yogi is the ease in transition from smaller, tighter ringlets, to more flowing and less defined curls. Another plus from these curlers is the long lasting effect after each usage. Users reported that even after 2 or 3 washes of their hair, the curls still remained.

£50 ($80)


Rollers - Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers

Heated rollers can appear to be tricky and to be left to the professionals but these easy to use thermo ceramic rollers are far from difficult to manage. Due to the high powered heating system within the rollers, hair will be curled within minutes and can last for days over several washes. This product shows that if there is any time for a surge in heated rollers sales, it’s now.

£25 ($40)


Body Brush - Clarisonic Plus

A must have for anyone with problem skin and takes pride in maintaining the largest organ of the body. The Clarisonic Plus is a cleansing brush that improves skin tone and reduces pore size – a lot like exfoliating. The body brush has the added advantage of being both quicker and more effective than manual washing, just 60 seconds of using the brush up to twice a day will have skin looking and feeling smoother whilst removing any trapped oil or dirt.

£179 ($290)


Hairdryer - Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer

A few makers of hairdryers may claim to make the best in the business but most hair and beauty experts will tell you that nobody comes near to Parlux. Parlux is used in most top class salons and have only been on offer to the public in the last few years. The power of this compact hair dryer will have your hair dryed in half the time whilst looking as if you just stepped out of the salon.

£55 ($90)