Where to Find Stylish Clothes for Your Baby

Even with today's unstable economy, most people still can't resist purchasing the cutest outfits for their new baby. Why should you have to compromise on your baby clothing because the banks are in crisis? There's something incredibly alluring about outfitting your baby in the most stylish baby clothes that stores have to offer - some mothers will even coordinate their own outfits to match their child's!

Yet even the most fashion savvy mom is conscious that she has to keep an eye on the purse-strings while shopping for baby clothing. Although designer items are adorable and often exquisitely designed, the prices are often nothing short of eye-watering. Never fear - there are ways to avoid the high street prices and grab a great discount. Below are the five top tips for purchasing affordable, stylish baby clothes.

1. Online Sales Sites

As soon as designers realized the potential of online shopping, sale sites popped up to offer discounts on it. Some online discount sites have permanent sales on, with up to 50 to 60 percent off retail price. Other sales sites might have seasonal sales or one-time special discount days. It's worth bookmarking these sites and refreshing them daily to make sure you don't miss out on a bargain. Baby clothes often have their own section, and you can often sort the goods by price to avoid browsing the ridiculously expensive end.

2. Sample Sales

These can be held either in brick-and-mortar stores or online. Department stores will often give out flyers to advertise when their baby department sample sales will be. This is often a great morning out for the family, as you can bring your baby along to 'sample' the baby clothing with you. There's also an opportunity to grab discounts on designer baby goods, as well as children's books and toys. Mommy circles often are the best sources of information when it comes to sample sales - make sure you tap into your fellow moms to gain info on the date and place of the next sample sale! Expect discounts of anywhere from 40 to 60 percent on baby clothes at these events.

3. Ebay or Other Auction Sites

Although some moms might balk at buying second-hand baby clothing, remember that modern washing powder works miracles in getting out even the trickiest of marks. If you have a lust for high-end designer baby clothes (we're talking into the hundreds of dollars here) then second-hand may be your untapped goldmine. Babies outgrow baby clothing quickly, and many people will sell even expensive brands online just to clear out wardrobe space. Make sure you buy smart and check the description of the item carefully - it's not worth buying nasty polyester garments second-hand

It’s also important to look out for designer baby clothes brands and quality materials. Several designers create exclusive clothing lines just for baby clothes, so why not try putting in the name of your favorite designer and see what comes up?

Remember, there's no need to spend a lot of money to put together a stylish wardrobe for baby. All you need is knowledge of where to go to grab the best bargains. Enjoy this period of baby's life, as they don't stay this little for long! Along with purchasing the baby basics, why not splash out on some discounted luxuries.