There are many toxic things around your home that could be making your family sick without you even knowing about it.  Below is a list of just five products that could be making your family sick.


Plastic Cups or Baby Bottles

Do you use plastic cups or have plastic baby bottles in your house?  If so, your dishes may have a chemical called bisphenol-a otherwise known as BPA, which is a hormone disruptor and is a leading cause of cancers.  Get rid of these unsafe plastics and go with something that you know is BPA free or that is made of glass.  They make Dr. Brown’s baby bottles in glass form so you know you are 100% safe from BPA.



It is scary to think that the cookware we are using to cook our healthy vegetables and our delcious meat could be filling our bodies with harmful toxins.  Cookware that is made so it is stick resistant is the most dangerous because it is sprayed with chemicals in the factory process which makes the pan non-stick.  Unfortunately this could lead to cancer and other problems.


Canned Food

Many of us buy canned food because it is easy to make and we don't think much of it.  The truth is, canned food can be harming us slowly without us even realizing it.  Canned food is covered with BPA due to the can's lining.  Here we think we are doing ourselves some good by buying BPA free plastic bottles.  After some tests were done, it has been proven that most of the BPA we consume is from our canned vegetables.


Flame Retardant

Flame retardants are commonly purchased by consumers because they feel that they are safe.  People buy them not know that they contain toxic chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl, otherwise known as PBDE.  This chemical has been known to cause memory problems and thyroid problems.  Look for these flame retardants in mattresses and clothes, especially children’s clothes.



Many people store pesticides in their home.  There are more natural alternatives to use when you want to kill bugs or insects.  It is scary to know how many people store pesticides under their sink in their kitchen.  Not only do kids have access to this, but even with the can or bottle closed, these dangerous chemicals can still leak out.  If you are going to keep them in your house, at least store them in your garage.


Cleaning Products

We all want our house to be in tip top shape, but to many people that means we have to buy the harshest cleaning products to get the stench and germs out.  In reality these cleaning products are toxic and shouldn’t be around anyone.  Using a natural product or even some mild soap and water can really give you rewarding results.  Reading the labels on cleaning products is an important step that you should take that will ultimately make your decision on if you are buying that product or not.



Many old homes built before 1980 that has not been painting, probably has lead in the paint.  This can be very toxic, especially if you have little ones running around.  When the paint on the walls chip off and kids start putting things into their mouth, it can be very dangerous.  You may want to have your paint tested to determine if there is lead in your home.  The last thing you want is to have someone sick from lead poisoning. 

Air fresheners

Most of us want to keep air fresheners in our house to keep our home smelling fresh for when we have guests over.  Most air fresheners are toxic and are harmful to our health when we breathe them in.  The reason for this is because of two dangerous chemicals in them; etylene based glycol and terpenes.  There are many non toxic air fresheners on the market today.  It is a fact that Scentsy offers non toxic wax warmers that will make your house smell fresh and is even safe to consume.

You may not know of the things that are harmful that you are using around your house.  Getting rid of the toxic products that you are using in your home can really benefit your’s and your family’s health.  Choose a weekend to go through your cabinets with your family and throw out all of the dangerous toxins that your may contributing to your family’s poor health everyday.  You will feel so much better after the cleaning process is over.