If you are a Halloween enthusiast, you always spend some quite some time thinking about the costume you will be wearing on Halloween.

Halloween is a special occasion for some people and it gives them the chance to dress themselves up with unique Halloween costumes and become whoever they want to be for that day.

There are so many costumes that a lot of people can think of wearing this Halloween but if you want to stand out, you have to be creative and think up a nice and unique costume that you feel no one will ever think of wearing.

You can be as outrageous as you want to be, without fear of getting ridiculed since it's Halloween so step up your game. Some of the most common costumes that you must stay away from if you want to be unique include witches, vampires, ghosts and gypsies.

Even hobos are quite common and if you make the mistake of dressing up as any of these, expect to look like everybody else. These are the most convenient Halloween costumes and it is something that a lot of people would naturally go for, especially when they don't have enough time, or motivation to dress up and think about what they want to be on Halloween.

Halloween is mostly known for its scary and horror themes. Most parties go for the scary themes because that's what Halloween is supposed to be about, right?

Well, if you want to be unique, go against the flow and show up at a party in a costume that doesn't have anything to do with the season at all. Some of these costumes can be daring and sometimes quite hard to pull off. But if you really want to have fun on Halloween, you should be willing to take wearing costumes to a higher level.

You can even take a pretty common costume and add twists to it that are unexpected and will create a new costume all by itself. An example would be taking the common zombie costume and adding unexpected elements to it such as golf balls, a golf club or some other wacky things that you can think of.

If you're with a group, you can even coordinate the costumes you will be wearing and dress up as a team. A good example would be dressing up as a family of rednecks, or be the Adams family among many other choices.

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