Many collectors and curious hobbyists are interested in the most valuable Smurf figurines. The list below is of some of the most expensive Smurf figurines that were released regularly. It doesn’t include promotional Smurfs or other special releases.

Astro Smurf (About $50)

Image by marcia.furman

The Astrosmurf figurine is from 1969. There are three different variations that are all comparable in value. The Astrosmurf in the all white outfit is cinsidered slightly more common and as such it typically demands less from collectors. There is also Astrosmurf with the red tie (pictured) and one with a red zipper. I have heard that the red zipper is the most rare of the three but I have also heard that the tie and zipper variations are of very similar production numbers. This isn't the most valuable Smurf figurine but it certainly is a popular one because of the fun bubble over the Smurf head. Mint versions may be worth up to $50 but I have seen worn all white variations for as little as $12.

Heart Smurf (About $50)

The Heart Smurf figurine (not to be confused with Cupid Smurf) features a Smurf with an outstretched hand holding a heart. The three variations of this figurine feature the phrase "Have a Heart" in English, "For the Children" in German, or "I Love You With All My Heart" in French. The Heart Smurf was manufactured in 1981 and all three hold similar value. Only extremely pristine models fetch upwards of $50. Most you can find for $10 or even less.

Pitcher Smurf (About $100)

Pitcher Smurf Image by eric8890

Pitcher Smurf was manufactured in 1983 and holds a 'book' value of about $100. Samples can be found on eBay for about half that but they aren't in great condition. There is also a McDonalds promotional version and it sells for around $10-$20. This is not the most valuable Smurf figurine but can be packaged with other baseball themed (or sports themed) Smurfs to fetch a decent price. This is one of the more rare Smurf figurines.

Baseball Smurfette (about $125)

Baseball Smurfette features Smurfette in a pink shirt with a bat in a batters stance. This is one of the most valuable Smurf figurines and samples regularly sell on eBay for over $50. As usual, only the Baseball Smurfette figurines in the best condition will demand a price tag of $100 or more. If you're looking to find Baseball Smurfette or any other model to fill out your collection, check out this article to get you started buying Smurfs.

#1 Graduate Smurf (about $100)

The #1 Graduate Smurf is quite rare. Basic eBay searches routinely show this as one of the least likely Smurfs to pop up. I don't know of actual production figures but I would assume this to be one of the most valuable smurf figurines. This #1 Graduate Smurf was manufactured in 1984 and features a Smurf holding a diploma that reads '#1'. There is another Smurf grad figurine that is ust a Smurf holding out a rolled up diploma. Only the #1 variety holds significant value and rarity.

Surprise Bag Smurfs (from $50-$100)

There are three different Surprise Bag Smurfs and each was made in 1986. For each model the Smurf is holding a cone shaped wrapped package (like a bouquet of flowers). The models that feature the green and red bag are the most rare and valuable and the pink bag Smurf (while still in demand) is worth less. I have seen each model sell for over $100 which leads me to assume these could also be the most valuable Smurf figurines.

Hopefully you read about these most valuable smurf figurines and were able to find some in a junk drawer. Keep an eye out for these at rummage sales and flea markets, you could come away with a steal of a deal!