The move towards less energy consumption and more independence from foreign oil, seems to be moving rather slowly. The cost to fully convert to renewable energies is prohibitive for most being one problem. The other, which may be an even larger problem, is that of converting to energy conserving habits. This consists mostly of reducing conveniences and comforts and returning a little to the past. This article will look at some of the energy saving tips and how small annoyances will help keep our country in an energy crisis.

One tip that was given to me that I in turn gave to my wife was to cook our meals a week in advance or to do all the cooking for the week at once. This would save cooking energy by not having to use the oven and stove everyday. My wife looked at me and said"you do it". That was the end of that tip. But we did try to cook two meals at once, you know to try the old cook once, eat twice thing. A slight disaster; but with practice probably doable.

Did you know that cooking a chicken in a slow cooker takes a few hours, but consumes a lot less energy than the oven. But why do they think fast food is such a big hit. We think the oven is way too slow.

I'm sure washing clothes in cold water does just as good a job of getting clothes clean and saves energy without having to use heated water. I just know that I feel cleaner after a hot shower than I do after a cold shower. In my mind my clothes feel the same way.

Then there is the don't use the dryer and hang your clothes out to dry insanity. It's not that I'm too lazy to do this, it's that I'm waa..y too lazy to do this.

O.K. here's a good one, with remote firmly in hand, how many people turn off the T.V, then get up to unplug it. We already have a remote just to turn it off, now I need another one that can unplug it.

I guess shorter showers isn't too unbearable, I'll just have to cut out my singing time and without my proper practice American Idol is out. My wife and son are alright with that.

My wife is not alright with not using the hair dryer; that thing must cost $25.00 in electricity every time she uses it. The air is free but if it's free it must not be all that.

Most of us will have to learn the hard way. You know when gas is $13.50 a gallon and the average electric bill for an efficiency apartment is $750.00, then maybe; just maybe, I'll hang my clothes out to dry...if I have any.