It is a big decision to ask someone to marry you. But as these videos show, you'll want to be very sure she'll say yes before asking in public. These are almost too painful to watch, being rejected in front of a few dozen people in one video to tens of thousands of people in other videos. These are some of the most embarrassing wedding proposal fails ever. Word to the wise, if you want to propose in public maybe a public sporting event isn't the place unless you are 100% sure of the answer as these videos show. There aren't any spoofs or fake videos here (like the fake food court proposal rejection prank), only 100% real rejected wedding proposals. It's hard not to feel bad for these guys but make sure it's for sure before walking onto the court or studio set.

His Goal was Rejected

You can't blame this guy for wanting to propose outside on a major soccer team's field during a game. The response brought him to his knees, but not in the way he hoped. At least this wasn't a packed stadium like some of the next videos...

A Spur to the Heart

She gets blindfolded and believes she is coming down to take a blindfold shot at the net. She sees her boyfriend upon the reveal and can't wait to get off the court. Ouch.

And Going to Commercial Break...

If you are going to propose in front of thousands or millions of viewers on TV, make sure it's not live. Even the announcer was speechless and the end result was a stunned audience and a quick cut to commercials. What makes this even harder to watch is you can hear what the woman's response is quite clearly. 


What might be worse than proposing on a field or court only to be rejected? Proposing via Jumbotron or Megatron and being rejected. At least on the court or field you can get away fast and disappear into the wings for a while. Here you're stuck in the crowd. What she does before she leaves adds insult to injury, maybe her name wasn't Melissa after all?

This Should Be A Called Foul

The best (worst) for last. This one has to be one of the most embarrassing rejections seen yet. The sheer number of people visible in the crowd means this is a packed house. Complete with the announcer's reactions, the player's visual reaction, and a WTF moment from the mascot. Hard to watch but you can't just pull yourself away. The mascot makes the video but the packed house and dramatic exit of the woman makes it the most embarrassing. 

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