When planning your next holiday, you will probably consider visiting Italy, because without doubt this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In this article you will find out what are the most beautiful cities in Italy that you have to definitely visit during your vacation.

Venice – is the pearl of Italy, this city stands in the water of the Venetian bay since the 5th century and has always charmed the whole world with its magnificent castles, romantic channels and beautiful squares. The city has preserved its unique architectural style during the ages and it is offering it today to the many visitors. The remarkable Venetian style is everywhere – in the beautiful villas of the aristocrats and merchants of the 15th century, in the elegant restaurants and in the original frescos. In Venice everyone who likes the art and the romance will feel like in heaven. After being once in this remarkable city the need to go back there again is chasing you constantly.

Rome – is the capital city of Italy and the region of Lacio, situated on the rivers Tiber and Agnelli. It was once the capital of the mighty Roman Empire, the biggest and longest existed empire in the western civilization. The Vatican is also located in Rome - it is the residence of the Pope and the Catholic Church. It is the biggest city in Italy and at the same time one of the biggest in Europe, the city and the suburbs have approximately four million citizens. It is a remarkable place where you could feel the spirit of the past and in the same time to be in one modern European capital.

Florence – it is a city with magnificent cultural and historical influence. This place is one of the cities that are full of life and amusements in Italy, it has preserved a big part of the medieval look from the late medieval period that has played a big part in the development of the politics and art in Europe. There are remarkable buildings, huge galleries and the full with treasures churches in Florence, only show us the love of the native people to ostentation. Long after it has appeared on the political and economical horizon, the city of Florence has kept its elegant appearance.

Naples – is the synonym of music, art, culture, good food and amusement. Probably the most common thing there is the music and the Naples pizza, of course. The main square of the city is situated in the center and east from it is located the Royal castle. In western direction you could see the church of San Francisco di Paola. It is a remarkable building, which portal has six pillars and two Ionian poles. The dome reaches 53 meters and the inside of the church is oval with two chapels on the sides.

If you want to truly experience Italy (Do you know that the Danes have a term for it, which is oplev Italien) you have to visit some of the cities mentioned in this article. This country has a magnificent climate, a rich historical background with many monuments some more than 15 centuries old and unique architecture, many remarkable cities where you could enjoy not only the many interesting places you could visit but you could dive into the tempting night life.