Got Moths?

Moth Pest Control

So How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

There is nothing worse than pulling out your favorite sweater, only to find that there is a big hole in it from a moth.  Believe it or not, adult moths are not even the ones to make these holes.  It is the larvae that do all the eating!  Adult's lay thier eggs on fabric.  When the eggs hatch, the larvae feed off of any embedded dirt or perspiration remaining on the fabric. 

If you are having a problem with moths, wouldn't the best idea for taking care of that problem to use "mothballs?"  Afterall, the name seems to indicate that this would be the obvious treatment right?  Well, it is a treatment, but it may not be the best (or safest) one for you and your family.

How To Control Moths

Mothballs and crystals contain a bunch of pesticides that can be harmful to people and to pets.  They release a fumigant gas and adter you use them you are supposed to dispose of them at a licensed hazardous waste center.  Hmmm.  That is not something I really want to have lying around my house, or in my closets.  So I went in search for some other alternatives for this kind of pest control, and below are the best options that I could find:

Preventing Moths With Cedar

The first option is cedar.  You probably have heard before somewhere that cedar and cedar chests are great places for storing linens because they will keep moths at bay.  The cedar smell  kills the larvae, but only works while the scent is strong.  If you are using a cedar chest, or even cedar blocks, to keep them smelling strong, you can either lightly sanding them occassionally, dabbing cedar oil on them, or spraying them with cedar spray. 

Repelling Moths With Lavendar

Another option for keeping these pests at bay is Lavendar.  This is more of a preventative.  It does not kill eggs or larvae but it does an excellent job of repelling the adults.  Lavendar can either be hung in sachets and placed on closet rods, or placed inside your dresser drawers.

Pheramone Moth Traps

Finally, another way to keep moths from becoming a problem in your home, is by using pheramone traps.  Pheramone traps are used to lure the males with sex-attractant pheramones.  When the males get near, they get stuck on them.  This will keep them from mating with the females, therefore less larvae is produced. 




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