There's nothing worse then waking up on Sunday morning and then rushing out to the drug store to buy whatever card you can find because you forgot Mother's day. This can even land you in the dog house with your own wife. It's important to remember the day so you have enough time to plan ahead. Here are a few tips for knowing when it takes place as well as planning ahead.

Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May. In 2010 this falls on May 9th. Your cell phone may have a feature where you can set reminders for holidays. You can even schedule it to go off once a year. In this case you'll want to give yourself a little bit of extra time. You could set the reminder to go off on Thursday or Friday so you have plenty of time to plan events and get a gift.

Invent a mnemonic device. It worked in elementary school so why not use it now? This will really just vary from person to person but should incorporate the phrase Mothers' Day and the 2nd Sunday in May. This should be fairly easy because it rhymes. This also allows you to remember not only this year, but next year and hopefully all the years after that as well.

Make it a priority to remember. Sure you probably have a lot going on at work but this is an event that happens every year in the spring. It's one of the most important days for women. Once you recognize the importance you'll be sure and put a little more effort into it because you'll understand that it's significant to the ones that you care about.

Now here are a few tips if you've already forgotten and are in danger of alienating the woman the you love. Plan an event. This could be something as simple as a picnic or dinner. If you are reading this on the actual day then it's probably too late to book a reservation so you'll have to do a lot of the work yourself. Of course you'll get bonus points if the kids help.

Another trick would be to have gifts on hand. Women do this all the time with what they call a gift closest. Whenever they see an item on sale they just buy it and put it in the closet. Then when they have an unexpected wedding or birthday party or they just need a hostess gift it's already in there. Of course you'll want to make things more personal with a card. This ensures that your loved one doesn't have to suffer just because of chronic forgetfulness.

Another option would be to make an actual date on Mother's Day. When you buy tickets you're more likely to remember the event. Plus it allows you to tailor the holidays specifically to her hobbies or needs. Even though it's on a Sunday you may be able to find a concert, ballet, or opera that she'd like to go and see.