Mother's Day gift ideas - Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you are stumped as to what to get your mom, then why not consider the gift of time instead of things! We are all trying to get rid of clutter, and unless it is something your mom really needs, does she need anymore "things"? Take a look in her bathroom, does she still have all the bath supplies from Christmas you bought her? Does she really need more? Mother's Day is a good time to really think about what mom would like, and what would make her smile.

Racing to the store the night before Mother's Day, is probably not what she would want. But we get so busy and it can be hard to think of Mother's Day gift ideas that are original. But maybe this year would be a good time to start a new tradition. Mom knows how busy you are, so she knows if you take the time to spend with her, that it may have taken some thought, but she will appreciate it.

My own mother is 77 years old, and she has spent the last 3 years, doing some traveling in the winter, and many small trips at home here in Canada in the summer, the last thing she wants are more "things". She just finished downsizing from the family home after her and Dad raised 4 kids. At that age they become more practical and my mother will say "If you are going to buy me something, make sure it is something you like, because you will just get it back soon when I am gone anyways!" ... charming, but practical!

So, for my mother, we give all kinds of special days out and gifts of time that spread out throughout the year, not just for that day. We will all try and get together with mom and see her for that day, or call her if we are away, but will give her little handmade gift certificates, for a lunch and a show, or a walk through the park and a coffee, or just come and hang out with her at her place.

We do this anyways, we don't need a special day for it, but we make a fuss of it and these little gift certificates, and it is really fun coming up with different ideas. My sister and I will quite often make up a gift certificate to take her out to lunch and then to her favorite park for a "girl chat". She really likes the ideas we come up with.

That works well for an older mom or grandma. My own children are grown and are 28 and 26 years old, and I tend to be the same way as my mom, not a big fan of "things". I really like it when we all get together, and what they have been doing, is instead of trying to get out to a busy restaurant on one of the busiest days of the year, Mother's Day, my kids will get all the ingredients, and come to my house, and make us dinner. It is fun to watch them all in the kitchen with their partners, and my husband gets a nice dinner out of this too!, since he gets booted out of the kitchen.

I like flowers, but not a big fan of bouquets because they die, so they will get me a plant for my garden. My daughter will set up a time for us to go and have a manicure together or get our hair done together, or something really nice like that.

Those types of outings mean more to me than "things". If I need something I tend to get it, so I can be hard to buy for, that was when we made the decision to just make dinner at our house and have fun. I don't even need money spent on me, just see my kids and their families.

So, if you are stumped on what to get your mom for Mother's Day, and are going up and down the aisles of the local department store again this year, grabbing more bath products, or more perfume, or more chocolates, maybe try something different this year.

Find a nice day spa, and see if you can get a gift certificate for a manicure or a pedicure or to get her hair done. If you are a girl, it would be nice for you to go with her, when she makes the date. If you are a guy, then why not give her a gift certificate for a movie, or a nice coffee place, or find out when that play is on that she has been talking about. Then get tickets and take her to the play. I am sure she would much rather spend time at a special outing with you, than some flowers and a box of chocolates.

Spend time with your mom if you can, if you can't, make a point of calling her on Mother's Day, and regularly after that. Don't have it all on Mother's Day, and then that is it.

We love the homemade gift certificate idea, even the grandkids have got into that habit, of doing things for grandma.

If money is tight, you could offer to wash her car, or do some chores, or paint the fence for Mother's Day, it does not have to be something big, just acknowledge your mom in a nice way. Do something you know she would like, or do something that she normally dislikes doing.

For young kids, and their mom's, the same can apply. Rather than teaching kids to go out and always "buy" something for a Mother's Day gift, come up with things they can do for mom that will make her feel special. It is nice to get that homemade card, but maybe inside they could draw a picture of something they would like to do to help mom, and make her realize just how special she is.

Time, fun, and sharing, are the things we should concentrate on for Mother's Day, rather than putting so much focus on "things". Memories last longer than those "things"

Happy Mother's Day!