A mother eulogy is meant to eulogize your mother so go ahead and extol her life. Tell all attending the funeral that your mother led a glorious life and she was a happy and fulfilled person when she had her final moments. The mother eulogy should make each person listening to it want to pull one of their own kids close and do something with them that their mother would have done with them. That mother eulogy should make everyone there proud of their mother.

Tip 1) Make The Eulogy Full Bodied And Full Throated As Well

Give that mother eulogy a full throated voice like you are singing a special hallelujah to the heavens on her behalf. Your mother eulogy should also be full bodied like an excellent cup of coffee with no dregs leftover. When drawing the picture of your mother’s life you need to include important accomplishments such as running in a marathon for the first time at age 60. Or it could be a promotion to a principal of a school. Make sure when writing about these accomplishments you give them powerful words to convey your pride in her.

Tip 2) Tell The World About Your Super Mom

The point of a mother eulogy is to describe the good life she had. But it is also to let the mourners know about her life such as the moments when you and your sisters and brothers and your dad knew she loved you all. It is important to tell them she loved you all best and unconditionally so when they get back home they call their mother’s and tell them that they love them. Make them feel that love you had for each other and you will have a powerful mother eulogy.

Tip 3) She Always Noticed, Cared And Defended – Make It Known

  • If she donated time to charities mention the more important ones
  • If she collected hurt birds or other animals tell some good stories about some of those experiences
  • She always stood up for you so relate one of those instances

Tip 4) Food And More Food

Was your mother one of those mothers who always had comfort food to offer? This is a very strong mother trait and if your mom was an exceptional cook even if only in a limited area then let all assembled learn about her love of that food. Share with the listeners how important that food became along with the comfort that went with it. If it was a special cookie recipe then perhaps you could hand out copies of the recipe at the reception along with serving them.

Tip 5) She Always Offered A Shoulder To Cry On, Even When She Was Crying

A good mother eulogy will include some of those times when she was there for you and your family. She would have always been strong when such strength was needed. So share that part of your growing up in your eulogy.

Tip 6) Honor Her Wishes, Even If You Don’t Agree

When writing a mother eulogy if your mother had any special wishes that she wanted to convey to the people attending the funeral then by all means include those things in your mother eulogy. For example in the romantic comedy movie ‘Love Actually’ a young boy’s mother dies and when his step-father played by Liam Neeson staged the funeral he began his mother eulogy with the words something like ‘It would have not been my choice but this is what she wanted me to do’ and then you see their life together on a screen accompanied by the Bay City Rollers. The mourners came together with laughter and the funeral celebrated her life.

Tip 7) When Giving Your Eulogy Try These Tricks:

  • Give your eulogy slowly with pauses
  • Laugh along with the listeners at a funny story which relieves tension
  • Use strong arm gestures like clapping your hands over your head at the beginning when you introduce your mother to the audience to relieve tension

Tip 8) Get Numb With The Words For An Excellent Delivery

For an emotional mother eulogy as would be expected you need to become ‘numb’ with the words you are going to say. You don’t want to break down in uncontrollable crying because you have taken the time to write an outstanding mother eulogy which needs to be said. So keep practicing the words until they have no impact on your brain and you will give a successful mother eulogy. Everyone will know your mother almost as well as you do.

Tip 9) End With A funny Story Only A Mother Would Love

When finishing your mother eulogy try to leave the listeners with a positive note like a special thing that happened that will make them laugh so they leave the funeral on a lighter note. Not all stories are funny so this one needs to be something that only a mother would love such as the time when you rescued a big live snail and managed to paint a heart on its back with her best bottle of deep red nail polish before you proudly handed her this treasure. And that was certainly something only a mother could love. Leave them laughing with a small teardrop in their eye.

Tip 10) What Is The Right Length For A Eulogy?

The key words here are attention span. Yes she was your mother but when giving a mother eulogy you still have to understand that the listeners may include children and older folks who knew your mother and loved her but they still have an attention span and at some point they will get bored. Generally fifteen minutes is about right for a wonderful mother eulogy because you can cover most of the key points within that time frame. Also a key point to the mother eulogy is whether you are the sole speaker or will you be sharing that honor with others? A single speaker can get away with a longer mother eulogy than can several different speakers.