As I watched the Dr. Phil show, it was difficult to believe that this 18-year-old had not  formed some typed of relationship with this 41-year-old former school teacher, James Hooker, before she was 18.   There were telephone records and calls as early as 4 am in the morning.   I would say that is somewhat early when talking to your teacher.  Tammy Powers stated it was a felony in 23 other states.  “It should absolutely be a “felony” in California.”  If an inappropriate relationship started before Jordan’s 18th birthday, is that considered rape?   Is this 18-year-old lying about the relationship to protect this 41-year-old man?  Did an inappropriate relationship start before she was age 18?   If she is lying, then this 41-year-old possibly has not been a good influence on her.  To start a relationship with lies is not healthy.   

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As I watched the 41-year-old man, he gave a statement  to Dr. Phil that  he was in love.   He and the 18-year-old   are living together.   This 41-year-old left his wife and three children. He and Jordan have moved in together even though he and his wife are not divorced.    Is there something wrong with this picture?  Who is the mature adult here?   Did he forget about the vows he took when he married his wife?  How will he deal with his three children?    Is he thinking about how this is affecting his three children?  Is he thinking about the hardships and pain that his wife and children will go through?

Is this selfishness on the part of the 41-year-old?   Clearly, Jordan has little experience in life.  Part of  her 18 years was baby, toddler, adolescence, and teenager.   Clearly, Jordan  has not had several serious relationships.   Clearly, the 18-year-old is still a child even though 18 years. 

This brings to mind the scripture 1st Corinthians Chapter 13: 4.  Some call it the love chapter. It states, “Love is patient, love is kind.”    “It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”  Is this 41-year-old patient? Is it patience when a 41-year-old man moves in with an 18-year-old and is still married to another? 

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Could this man   be lusting and not loving the 18-year-old?   Could this man  man be thinking only of his wants and needs?   Could this 41-year-old have forgotten and pushed asides the wants and needs of his wife and three children?  

The 41-year-old, James Hooker, states he quit his teaching job.  Has he considered whether he can  find a decent job to support him and the 18-year-old, not only that he will have to pay children support and possibly spousal support?    Will he find a decent job to support two families?

Can you imagine the grief that James’s wife and three children are feeling?  Did James consider that?   Is James patient?     Does this 18-year-old have any life experience? 

Should there be more scrutiny in the school systems about teacher and student relationships?   It is sad that teachers take advantage of children. It is not just male teachers, but female teachers also that are guilty of this.  Is there even such a thing as teacher student love?    Parents are entrusting their children to the teachers.       Where are the morals in these issues?  Is this type of relationship a form of abuse?   Is this man  taking advantage of Jordan?   Is this man possibly insane or is he calculating and manipulative?

How can a teacher be fair and not have a conflict of interest, when dating his student?

Jordan's mother  on ABC News, she would like to see a national registry as a reference place for employers.   She further states she is making this a national campaign in every state.  Criminalizing the sending of sexual text messages from student to teachers would be included in the campaign.    Hooker stated he and Jordan  were sharing a life together.   What quality of life are they sharing?   Is this the best that Jordan can do?   Is the Jordan  settling for less than?   What are your thoughts on this?[3294][3295][3296]